Hope University, Liverpool – Day 1

| November 14, 2012 | 12 Comments 

Special to be here at Liverpool Hope University, for a day of lessons (and training) with Year 2 pupils from St Austin’s Catholic School and 4th Year student teachers.

A morning with 34 pupils and more than 50 student teachers and tutors, followed by an afternoon with a further class of Year 2 pupils and a similar number of adults. An amazing opportunity to model, share and explore ways of engaging young thinkers, speakers, writers, explorers ….

Thank you to Michelle Pearson, Specialist Phonics Tutor, Faculty of Education, and Lynne Berry, I.C.T. Tutor in Teacher Education Department for coordinating our two days here, arranging timetables and schools to ensure valuable learning experiences for all.

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  1. Jenny Hannah says:

    Thanks for an inspiring day. It was great seeing children so engaged and enthusiastic. I look forward to using some of the ideas in the classroom.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Jenny
    Enjoy what you try and maybe let us know what you use FIRST 😀

  3. Christine Raftery says:

    Thank you for the great experience today, has given us lots of resources and useful tools to use in school, could see the children enjoyed it and were so engrossed.

  4. Tim says:

    Glad you found it useful We’d love to hear the things you try out
    Thank you for your thoughts Christine

  5. Lynne Berry says:

    What a fantastic day Tim and Sarah it was such a joy to watch the children and the students working together, they were having great fun. A valuable experience for all. Really inspiring classroom management techniques which the students picked up
    Looking forward to year 5 tomorrow

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Lynne
    It was a fun and full-on day eh?
    We are also looking forward to Yr % tomorrow and the evening session with your students
    Great suff

  7. Amanda Cooper says:

    What a joy to watch!!! Thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with the children who were so very engaged due to Tim building such an amazing rapport!! Absolutely amazing ICT resources which I definitely intend to use in my teaching. Especially enjoyed the interactive way Tim taught and also how he encouraged the children to give succinct answers, steering them away from using ‘eeerrrrmmm’ at the start of their talk, will plagiarise this! 🙂 thanks for a great afternoon …

  8. Natalie Roddis says:

    Thank you to all who were involved in making today such a success.

    It is safe to say that many students shiver at the prospect of staying at University from 9-5, however the sessions today were nothing but an absolute pleasure and well worth it- evidenced in the fact that many of us stayed behind at the end to learn some fantastic new skills for PowerPoint presentations!!!

    Having taken ‘Web-Based and Distance Learning’ as one of my courses whilst on Exchange in Helsinki, I thought that I had a pretty good idea about some of the web based resources available out there. I was wrong. Today, not only was I able to learn of some fantastic resources (that I cannot wait to try out in the classroom),I was also able to see an example of how to completely engage the children (and adults)in a creative, imaginative activity.

    A truly inspirational day!

    Thank you!

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you Natalie for your very thoughtful feedback
    We are so glad you found the day useful
    Your ‘Web-Based and Distance Learning’ course, in Helsinki, sounds fascinating by the way
    What kind of things did it cover?
    All the best for now and keep in touch with what you try out in class

  10. Tim says:

    Thank you Amanda, some very encouraging thoughts
    Affinity is the key thing as a teacher really isn’t it?
    The classroom management side of yesterday was almost as important as the writing side I suppose
    Thanks again and do let us know what you take away and use first

  11. Natalie Roddis says:

    In Helsinki we looked at ways of engaging people in distance learning. Myself and a fellow student from Luxembourg designed a distance learning project for children using Storyjumper which enabled children to make their own virtual story.

  12. Grace Ryles says:

    What a truly wonderful day! The morning was filled with new ways to engage the children and draw them into writing. It was obvious that all of the children (and adults!) were thoroughly enjoying what they were doing. They were visibly proud of what they had achieved in that session. Tim was wonderful with the class, especially as he had never met them before.

    The I.C.T session was fantastic. I thought I knew how to use PowerPoint but the session gave me a some fresh ideas. The internet resources looked great, can’t wait to have a go! Thank you again Tim and Sarah.

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