Hope University, Liverpool – Day 2

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The second, of two full-on days with 4th Year students from Hope University, Liverpool.

Today we shifted towards a more Key Stage Two focus, with children from St Austin’s Catholic School. What a special crew. The children arrived, excited, and up for a challenge, but showed remarkable style in turning that enthusiasm in to superb focus, and inventive thought. The morning joyously spent with a class of Year 5 pupils and the students….

… and the afternoon, equally enjoyable with a further group of pupils and students.

As we shift a gear through the age range cycle, we can feel led in to becoming more serious, for the sake of the pupils. In fact, we have discovered that this can be the “wrong way round”. Children, of any age, respond to a warm, happy atmosphere in a class.

Thank you again to Michelle Pearson, Specialist Phonics Tutor, Faculty of Education, and Lynne Berry, I.C.T. Tutor in Teacher Education Department for all that has gone on behind these two big sessions at Hope University, Liverpool (pictured in the insert below checking the twitter feed about the day.)

Michelle kindly recorded their thoughts about the two days for us:

So … we had expected to provide students with opportunities to see inspiring writing, engage with collaborative text construction and, most importantly develop confidence in teaching writing and ICT and yes wee did that, but we should have known better. Having worked with Tim and Sarah on many occasions it’s so much more than that. Behaviour management techniques, challenging children at every level, questioning techniques, assessment for learning, classroom management and total and utter immersion in a fun writing world. The students were able to make links between academic learning, research and then see it in practice even been involved in the reality.

The professional development events ran late into the day demonstrating ideas for ICT timed perfectly for students on their Professional Placement. I can’t wait to see how many of them have tried them out. Please make sure you send us your ideas.

Let’s make this a regular event!

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  1. Liverpool Hope University teachers treated to an amazing session with Tim this morning. Each child writing their own similes, metaphors, prepositions and creating their own worlds.
    They then were able to observe the most incredible part – children taking turns to read their work! Not waiting for the nod from the teacher (Tim), waiting until the last one had finished! Waiting, drooling and eager to read!
    For any new teachers (and even older ones!), this is a fantastic skill which I’m sure Tim won’t mind you nicking.
    Finally, role play with the children – an essential part of this process that draws the children into this imaginary world, great for getting children on the spot having to create situations and draw other children in with their questioning skills.

    Haven’t even mentioned Bloom’s Revised Digital Taxidermy!

  2. Truly magical! This session certainly showed how sensational teaching and learning in Literacy can be. It has provided me with a range of ideas that I will certainly use and share throughout my teaching career. Thank you Tim!

  3. Kirstie Clark says:

    Thank you very much for a productive day on how ICT can spark ideas in childrens writing. The techniques used with the children were very beneficial to see and it is definately something that I will be using within my teaching. I loved the idea of standing still and using your senses to start the ideas for an imaginative piece of writing. The most important thing I took away from today is the ‘virtual coffee mug’. Let the children lead their learning and let their imagination free. Once again thank you for this unique experience.

  4. Katie Gledhill says:

    It was wonderful to be involved in children being liberated in speaking and writing. The children expressed themselves with incredible imagination and clearly had fun.I am excited to try out the techniques in school and allow more children to experience literacy in this stress and pressure free way. Thanks Tim!

  5. Tim says:

    Thanks for this Michael
    You have a right to be very proud of your children
    They didn’t just “cope” with the challenges of today – they flew
    They showed great style in front of so many “big people” and were a joy to spend time with
    It was great to find out that you all carried on when you got back to school:
    We would love to read more
    Well done all
    Cheers for now
    Tim and Sarah

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you ALL for your very thoughtful comments
    Please keep in touch and let us know what you try first
    Have fun
    Tim and Sarah

  7. Michelle Rotherham says:

    Learnt so much yesterday! It has shown me the benefits ICT can bring to literacy and writing in particular. I loved how the story was brought to life and the children were so keen to contribute their ideas. Thank you!!

  8. Louise Wright says:

    An amazing time of learning! The session with the children, Tim and Sarah certainly showed how fantastic teaching and learning can be. It has equipped me with a range of ideas and techniques that I will definitely be using and sharing throughout my teaching career. Also it showed how ICT can trigger ideas in children’s writing and can help with expressing themselves with incredible imagination and have fun too. I loved the idea of starting from a still position and using our senses to create ideas for an imaginative piece of writing. One of the many things I took away from today is the ‘virtual coffee mug’, letting the children lead their learning and allowing their imagination to run free. It was wonderful to see the children feeling liberated in speaking and writing and to experience a stress and pressure free approach to learning. I think I would have definitely benefited from this as Literacy was something I struggled with at school because of my dyslexia and may have enjoyed it more as a result too. Thank you for this unique experience Tim and Sarah!

  9. Kirsty Blackburn says:

    Such an amazing session to show how ICT can be used to truly inspire children to be creative!
    Shows how computer games when used positively can have a great impact in inspiring children – and especially boys – to be creative and want to write!
    Definitely some great ideas for the classroom! Thanks Tim and Sarah!

  10. Roger Watson says:

    I had such an inspiring day being part of Tim’s writing session with the children from St Austins Primary! He captivated us all with his quirky charm, humourous tones and curious coffee cup! If only we could bottle what he was drinking and share it with all teachers across the land so they too could captivate and inspire children to delve to the deepest reaches of their imagination and return with truly remarkable stories! Thanks Tim!

  11. Sian Davidson says:

    Had an amazing time learning how to use ict for creative writting. You have equipped me with many techniques that I will use in the future. It was fantastic how the use of ICT and an image gave the children a tool for their imagination to run wild with creativity through similies and metaphors. It was lovely to see the children having the confidence to read out their work and being so engaged that they wanted to continue. Will definitly use ict with children in the future and the great sites you shared too. Thanks Tim and Sarah!

  12. Nadine Hughes says:

    Thank you to Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild for an amazing day on the use of ICT to inspire the next generation. I was truly inspired and I am sure the kids were too. The use of the exile game gave the children the opportunity to turn talk into writing freely and use their imagination to demonstrate creative writing, which was amazing!!

  13. WS W/shop very relevant, useful and refreshed my enthusiasm for the power of ICT to motivate and enthuse.

  14. Christine Kinder says:

    What a fantastic experience!! One of the most worthwhile and inspirational sessions I have attended throughout my time in Uni. Tim and Sarah were so enthusiastic in ensuring we gained as much as possible from the day. The Year 5 children were thoroughly engaged and it was great to see them so eager in wanting to write down their own thoughts and ideas. Exploring how using ICT as a tool to engage and motivate children in their writing was invaluabe and something I will definitely be using in my future teaching. Thank you Tim and Sarah!!

  15. Catherine Jennifer McArthur says:

    Simple yet VERY effective. A truly inspirational afternoon. The best part… Seeing the enthusiasm and fun had by all!
    Thank-you so much Tim and Sarah!

  16. Lynne Berry says:

    Thank you all for the great comments. I am so glad you had the opportunity to experience such inspirational teaching and learning in a wonderfully stimulating way. The children were a credit to the school and they also gained a lot from the
    days. Will let you know which comments have won the copy of the Myst game
    Go forth and inspire

  17. Laura WIllcox says:

    I enjoyed a truly inspiring day yesterday at Liverpool Hope University. During the time we spent with Tim and Srah I was made aware of different approaches to teaching which I would not have considered before but definately intend to try out in future lessons. Thank you for providing me with futher techniques which I can apply and use to improve my current practice.

  18. Poppy Robinson says:

    On Thursday Tim Rylands spoke at my university. He was incredibly inspiring and made us aware of an extravagant amount of free resources online! As well as this he demonstrated various teaching ideas to inspire children (girls AND BOYS) to write creatively. It was hugely beneficial to my learning and will most certainly impact my teaching in the future.

  19. Grace says:

    A day full of sparkling new and innovative ideas to make literacy fun and enjoyable for children. Such a fantastic and useful day with a huge bank of resources so readily available for teachers. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

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