NAHT ‘Leading your Learning Environment: Meeting the Challenge Ahead’, London

| November 16, 2012 | 53 Comments 

“It is good to be a learner”. What ever age we are, whatever stage in our career, it is essential to show our children, (whatever age they are, and whatever stage they are in their learning career) that we are still, and always will be, learning how you learn.

Admitting we don’t know, shows we are genuine in our desire to help our students in their search for the most useful element of learning:

Knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry that “taking a back seat” looks like you are not driving things forward, especially when you are being observed. Allowing students to drive their own learning forward, builds confidence, develops connection with the journey, and increases a feeling of success when a destination is approached.

Completing a task is only one sign of success. The process of getting to a conclusion is as important as finishing it.

In the end, it is about communication, rather the technology used to say it.

SO… it was fun to spend a day with a superb group of people, who were really open to learning, and to new ideas, through our workshops and keynote.

The second of the 2012 NAHT education conferences, at The Senate House, in London was entitled ‘Leading your Learning Environment: Meeting the Challenge Ahead‘ and folk here today were up for the range of challenges we set them. A huge thank you & well done to everybody involved in this special event.

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  1. Caroline Newman says:

    Its all too easy to become so caught up with the horrendous politices that seem to completely take over our lives at the moment.Thank you so much Tim for taking us back to a child centred world which was so exciting and fun and certainly gave me renewed vigour for my job! As a technophobe even I have already downloaded some of the apps and am having great fun with them!!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you, Caroline, for your very thoughtful feedback
    We are glad to hear you are already trying out some of the gems we shared
    We would love to hear what you experiment with
    Thanks again
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  3. Jean Hiller says:

    This is very late Tim – went to the NAHT conference a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d tip toe into your world of ICT. I went to both sessions and was met with an explosion of briliant ideas. I’ve told my staff all about it and we’re very keen to have a try of some asap. Looking forward to being let in!

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