5th International Conference on Education, Research & Innovation, Madrid, Spain

| November 19, 2012 | 2 Comments 

An honour to be asked to open iCERi2012, The International Conference on Education, Research & Innovation, Madrid, Spain.

This is a huge, ambitious and incredibly successful two day event, which is in its fifth year. It is attended by over 650 delegates, representing educational institutions from more than seventy different countries, from all corners of the globe. A joyous gathering.

Take a look at the website for more information:.www.iceri2012.org

A huge thank you to the ICERI2012 Organising Commitee for inviting us to Madrid to give a brief glimpse in to some of the possibilities that technology can offer to enhance many forms of curriculum styles, and structures. We look forward to meeting up with many folk, we met here in Madrid, in their own countries, as we discussed with people today.

The International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED) is a non-profit private association dedicated to the promotion of international education and university cooperation in the field of Technology and Science.

Through the organisation of different international events, it brings together institutions, bodies and organisations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation.

IATED’s Mission is to promote and enhance the dialogue in education among the institutions devoted to Science and Technology and believes that this is best achieved through international cooperation and promotes the development of closer links among relevant educational institutions and individuals around the world. IATED supports that such international cooperation can help countries learn from each other and promotes the dissemination of scientific and technological activities.

There was a wide range of people attending today’s event, including Academics, Researchers, Lifelong learning educators, Technical staff, Secondary, vocational, or tertiary educators, Professionals from the private & public sector, Technologists & Scientists, School counsellors, principals & teachers, Education policy development representatives, General personnel from vocational sectors, Student counsellors, Career/employment officers, Education advisers, Student Unions, Bridging program lecturers & support staff, Library personnel, International support & services staff, Open learning specialists,

…and almost anybody interested in Education, Research & Innovation.

Take a look at the comprehensive schedule to see the incredible range of sessions over the next two days.

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  1. Catherine Nassimbwa says:

    I attended this conference and most importantly listened to the Keynote speech by Tim. All I can say is I was inspired. I do hope you get an opportunity to come to Uganda one day. Will surely attend that one.

    Thank you for the inspiring talk.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you, Catherine, for your very thoughtful comment
    We would love to come and visit you in Uganda – so – let’s make it happen
    All the best for now

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