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The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music have come up with a really useful tool, to help you rehearse an instrumental, or choral piece, at your own pace.

Simply load a track, and Speedshifter allows you to vary the speed of audio from CD or MP3 without altering the pitch.

Speedshifter is great whenever a student might benefit from playing with an accompaniment at a reduced tempo. Could also be useful rehearsing a school choir (a tad slower) some times.

Because Speedshifter varies the speed of the audio recording, any fluctuation of tempo is kept. This ensures that Speedshifter provides, in many cases, a more musical solution to slow practice than a metronome. Not an unforgiving, fixed tick. Instead, a real, yet slower, experience to play along to, with musical feeling.

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  1. Tim Cross says:

    That is brilliant. I have no idea how it can do that but it’s fantastic. Great for slowing down guitar solos and working them out!

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Tim
    Could be useful eh?
    Remember to go at “blistering” once you have mastered it. 😀

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