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Hi Tim
As an avid follower of your page, I thought it was only fair to drop you a line and try and think of something that just MAYBE you haven’t mentioned but I can’t quite keep up with everything you do mention, so maybe you have already.

Educreations is a fabulously easy to use i-Pad app and web tool which allows you to create simple video tutorials by touching, tapping and talking. Free to use and simple to set up, it allows you or your students to draw or write on the screen, add photos, and record a commentary over the top. Cleverly, you can add text or pictures first then record your commentary, or you can draw and speak as you go.

We use Educreations in the classroom in both these ways. The children like the fact that they can play back instantly, and if they are not happy with the result they can have another go.

Most recently, we used Educreations whilst learning about equivalent fractions. The children worked in pairs and drew shapes which they then divided & shaded whilst explaining the equivalent fractions they were drawing. They then swapped and looked at each others’ presentations. I was able to see any misconceptions (such as drawing different shapes to compare) and talk them through as they worked. They could then have another go while it was fresh in their minds.

Photos can be added direct from Google images. We used this whilst investigating Scott’s doomed expedition to the South Pole. We imported a photo and children recorded their thoughts on why the expedition had failed, drawing arrows to relevant parts of the photos as they talked.  Excellent for children who struggle to write but are full of ideas! They have so much more to say when they’re not worrying that you will make them write it down!

Perhaps my favourite use of Educreations so far has been recording poems we wrote based on Shel Silverstein’s poem ‘Whatif’. We were talking about performing poetry to give it meaning. The children could take the i-Pad away somewhere quiet and work with a partner.

This meant the children were much bolder with the expressiveness of their voices than if they had been asked to perform in front of the class.

The only downside is that once the text is typed in and you begin to record, there is no re-recording!

Typing in their poems took the children a while, & they then had to get it right first time.

Apparently Educreations are working on this!

I love using Educreations as it facilitates peer to peer feedback, is an excellent formative assessment tool for the teacher and is quick, easy and above all, FUN!

Thanks again,

Catherine Monaghan, Middleham, North Yorkshire @cmonaghan11

(Thank you so so much for getting in touch with this Catherine. We always love to hear of such good ideas, and of how they are being used. Keep going with this kind of superb, creative, inventive learning. Well done all).

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