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Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to attend one of Tim’s seminars, with our literacy co-ordinator Hil. When I went into work the following day I completely drove my colleagues batty with how inspired I had been, how empowered I felt and how I was so desperate to put my learning into practise.  It was quite difficult to apply my new found skills, due to the fact that, although I had done the first part of my teaching degree several years ago, I had taken time out of higher education due to some family commitments. I had tried again to apply at my chosen University, unfortunately after a very stressful interview (I completely bundled and stumbled throughout the entire time) I was declined a place.

I gave up the dream of ever being able to teach and settled for a TA position.  Although very grateful for this post, my mind was constantly bursting with ideas to inspire children’s learning, although being someone else’s support means following someone else’s plans and ideas.

I always felt my ideas were valued, but I understood that  ultimately the class teacher’s ways of achieving the children’s understanding had to come first.  In the back of my mind a little voice constantly reminded me that my dream of teaching was always just out of reach, the barriers being: finances, time, work commitments etc.

I have, however, been able to teach ICT skills to cover PPA.  I felt that it didn’t really take much to encourage children to use technology, they already love it and just needed the opportunity to use it in school. Loving technology myself, I felt that my enthusiasm rubbed off on the children anyway.

It stood to reason that when Tim’s seminar, using ICT to inspire, came up, my head teacher asked if I would like to attend.

How desperate I was to participate in the activities of the day, how desperate I was to put pen to paper and write the words down in my head…

How desperate was I to paint a picture using sentences containing similes, metaphor and personification and above all how desperate I was to inspire someone else to feel the way I was feeling right there and then.

It was that evening that I went home and proclaimed to my poor, long suffering husband that I was serious about finishing my training to become a teacher.

I still have a long way to go and I am currently in the process of creating a portfolio to help me through an interview at university.

To help with the creation of that portfolio, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach Y6 literacy, numeracy & IPC.

I have used Myst to inspire the children’s writing of poetry and loved every minute of it, as did they.

Spending time on a virtual roller coaster with a year 6 class whilst they shout out their positive poetic ‘feelings’ is a liberating experience and it’s extremely humbling, having children approaching you at the end of the lesson with phrases such as…

‘The wooden limbs of the rollercoaster, rumbling beneath my feet’!

In fact, the children were so desperate to write down their ideas, the following day they were coming into class with poetry that they’d written at home and even some written by normally ‘reluctant’ parents.

My hat goes off to teachers, they work so very hard and it is really difficult to maintain enthusiasm when you are drowning in age related targets, outcomes and reports etc

But, it is so exquisite when you allow yourself to believe in magical worlds and open your mind to the possibility that crazy creatures could exist, look beyond the realms of reality, live a little and inspire.

Surely the whole idea of going into the teaching profession is to fuel thoughts, explore ideas and make children want to learn.

Thank you Tim and Sarah for helping me to believe, once again, in the possibility of dreams.  Hopefully I will one day complete my training, right now I am having a blast.  Those ideas which were bursting to get out of my mind are finally getting their chance at freedom! I am totally addicted to teaching.

Keri Price, TA, Year 6, Stockbridge Village Primary, Knowsley.

Well, a HUGE Well Done, and Thank You, to you Keri, for your remarkable, smiling, creative enthusiasm.
Your focus on real, enjoyable, valuable learning is, and will be, a real asset to those you spend time with.

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