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The blog is taking a breather, as we get ready for a huge year ahead. In the meantime, here’s a little seasonal gem. Enjoy your break (when, and if, you’re able to take one) and see you in the New Year… is used by many local, community radio stations to download, you’ve guessed it, free jingles and soundbites to link between songs.

Bigger stations can use the site to pay for bespoke jingles, but each week new, free, samples are added to an ever growing library. Each download typically has 7 or 8 themed clips that can trimmed down to size.

Thank you to Ian Shaw’s class, at The Knoll School in Kidderminster who used some of these clips to send us off in to the festive season with a feast of fun.

They recorded their own voiceovers, the jingles and old favourite Christmas songs, to make their own Christmas radio station, using Audacity to edit.

Here is a fantastic example from Charlotte. A couple of longer “programmes” can be heard HERE  and HERE. Well done all!

The school broadcasted their gems using Chirbit, a tool we mentioned here.
What about using Freeradiojingles, for your own fun, end of term, challenge?

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