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| January 8, 2013 | 1 Comment 

A lot of ways to use Survey Legend, with different ages and abilities as questions are answered by selecting between images instead of text.

Although the free version does feature some advertising, it is possible to embed your survey in a website, get 100 responses, and, if you are wanting to go further afield, it’s possible to track voters geographically.

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  1. Matt Gowen says:

    This is great, Tim. Thank you. How to make surveys attractive at last!

    Only problem is that although these are great free tools, the free accounts from sites like this and SurveyMonkey often come with severe restrictions.

    For bigger surveys, for example for producing “course evaluation” surveys, we have hit upon the feature from the newly refurbished SkyDrive ( – if you have ever had a Windows Live account or Hotmail account, you already have it. Otherwise it’s free to sign up and you get 7Gb of storage. Inside there, you essentially get free Office web-apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that work inside any browser – good on an iPad. This is essentially the same as Google Docs, except that it’s pure Office compatible if that bothers you…

    But, new since about November, the Excel Web-app has a feature “real Excel” doesn’t have – Excel Surveys. You can create a survey in the cloud, question by question, then deploy the survey out by URL, or embed into a site. When people respond to the survey, the results appear automatically in the linked Excel document. One column per question, one row per respondent.

    All free. No restrictions.

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