Mead Community Primary School, Wiltshire – Day 1

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The first of two days at Mead Community Primary School, Wiltshire. Thank you to  Rob Cunningham, Senior Teacher – The Mead at Wingfield – Science and Technology. As part of the Mead teaching school status Rob applied for funding offered from the DFE.  He was successful in the application which led to the setting up of their “CSL digital community”, and our visit.

The more was joyously spent with a Year 2 class, their teachers and the visiting colleagues.

Rob explains the project here:

The aim of the network is to form a community of teachers that will explore how digital technology can meet the aims of the project by implementing initiatives in the network members settings.  The project will focus on increasing the confidence of staff in the use of new technology, explore how parents can be engaged using web 2.0 and social media, and look at how key stage 2 to 3 transition can be supported with similar tools.

Eight schools (most from the The Mead’s Teaching school collaborative) are represented in the network; Grove Primary, Walwayne Court Primary, Holt VC Primary, Bellefield C of E Primary and Nursery, Bitham Brook Primary, Corsham School and Hilperton Primary.  Two secondary school colleagues will join the network in future sessions.

Tim has supported the launch of the network, working with the teachers involved over two days, with Year 2 and Year 6 children.  Tim’s inspirational use of digital technology is forming the basis of the initiatives that will be taken back into the schools, and developed over the course of a year.  The network will meet every term. Through joint professional development, and coaching, the community will work together to move ideas forward and look to influence the practice of other members of staff  in member schools.

You can follow our learning thorough #csllearningcommunity or following @RobNiceLife @MeadTeachingSchool

The afternoon gave us opportunity to spend time with the 10 teachers of the CSL digital community, discussing the morning’s lessons, exploring the digital worlds, analogue ways and so much more.

Then we ended the day joined by 90+ colleagues from the participating schools and more for a 2 hour twilight :  Greentrees Primary, Colerne CE Primary, Frogwell Primary, Westbury Leigh CE Primary, Longmeadow Primary, St Augustin’s Catholic College, Sutton Veny CE Primary, Crudwell CE Primary, North Bradley CE Primary, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary, Southwick Primary, Broad Town CE Primary, Priestly Primary, Rowde CE Primary, Hullavington CE Primary, Lypiatt Primary, Claredon Academy, West Ashton CE Primary, Winterslow Primary, and Paxcroft Primary.

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  1. James Passmore says:

    Very inspiring session today looking at using Myst highly visual game as a stimulus for talking and writing. The pupils and staff were really engaged and this has given me lots of ideas for developing writing back at my own school. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the group of schools present today to further develop how we use ICT to motivate and inspire pupils at Corsham Primary School. James Passmore, ICT Manager

  2. Jane O'Neill says:

    Having heard Tim talk about using Myst with children on previous occasions it was great to actually see it in practise today with a fantastic class of Year 2 children. The children were immersed, as were we the staff, and being a reluctant writer myself found myself not wanting to stop. Excited by the day and looking forward to using it with my own class. Bring on tomorrow!

  3. Pauline says:

    WOW! Hugely inspiring and motivational and pleasantly reassuring and encouraging to an IT ‘luddite’!
    Where to start? As well as providing lots of ideas and resources – gave me a new ‘vision’ of what classroom work could look like.
    Looking forward to trying out ‘panoramas’ – coincidently – we are doing the Giant’s Causeway next week – writing about the giant! What a find – and how much more inspiring will the lesson be now? (hopefully)

    Thankyou very much.

  4. Always an absolute privilege to listen to Tim and share his unconditional passion for ICT and inspiring children (and adults alike). I’ve been lucky to see Tim and Sarah on many occasions over the years and they never fail to make me feel like I can try something new that will crack the most reluctant of writers. I am convinced that the messages delivered from today’s session will resonate for some time to come for all those who attended.
    Thank you both again and hope to see you soon.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you for your very thoughtful comments folks.
    We are looking forward to tomorrow and taking things even further
    A great group of people, and schools, and we really hope to keep in contact to find out what happens next

  6. Tracy Boulton says:

    Thanks for a great session Tim. Am inspired to try the interpreter role out as think it will be great for building vocabulary. Love the panoramas and the citadel. Doing a great unit on dragons at the moment so looking forward to finding some dragon landscapes to explore. So much to take in and think about. Thanks Tim and Sarah – the dice are great too!

  7. Rob Cunningham says:

    After years of following Tim (through social media not stalking) and trying many of his inspirational ideas, including games to inspire writing, seeing him in person has made it all come alive. Despite reading about the importance of sitting still I always got carried away with the game. His advice to never say click and use language such as “grab” and “push” seems obvious now. His ability to hold the attention of 33 year 2 children while only moving 20 steps AND get them to produce quality writing that they all went to eagerly was outstanding.

    The evening session not only supplied yet more great resources but reminded me of some I have tried and then shelved.

  8. Sam Phillips says:

    Twilight session, bah humbug; at least that was my view until this week. Yesterday evening’s twilight session was the first time in over 25 years of teaching that I’ve wanted to stay and learn more! Tim and Sarah, it was just fab; I can’t wait to be able to use the ‘translator’ role to extend and motivate children’s language and vocabulary skills. My enthusiasm when I arrived home last night was still so evident that my daughter couldn’t wait to come to school this morning to be one of the lucky year 6 children to be working with you. Thank you.

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