Mead Community Primary School, Wiltshire – Day 2

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The second of our  two days at Mead Community Primary School, Wiltshire, and the launch of the Wiltshire Digital Community.

We started the day, looking at sound effects, with the group of ten staff, from schools across the area, who we have had the pleasure of exploring with, over these two days. A joyous rumbling, jostling, cacophony of sounds, timed to perfection, to add some style to a head-first whizzzz down a virtual roller coaster. This is something we haven’t had the chance to do for a while, so it was great to do it in such a fun way, today. Well done all, especially Chris Straw for conducting our descent with great humour AND style.

Then Y6! An absolute delight! Our sessions are really about elements such as classroom management, and how we channel “interesting and intruiging” elements of behaviour, in to positive outcomes. Here, we almost had to invent “situations”, so that we could model ways of moving things forward. The children were so “up for it”, thoughtful with each other, full of humour and fun, that the two, long, sessions went by in a blur of creative, imaginative invention. Superb!

A last afternoon with the key folk who form the first stage of the Wiltshire Digital Community. Well done to Chris Straw, from Grove Primary; Jane O’Neill, from Walwayne Court Primary; Jo Hodge of Holt VC Primary; Rob Davies, from BBellefield C of E Primary and Nursery; Max Wood of Bitham Brook Primary; James Passmore from Corsham School; Shaun Gosney from Hilperton Primary; Alice Walters and Louise Harrison from  The Mead– for your laughter and learning over the last two packed days.

A really big Thank You to Rob Cunningham, Senior Teacher – The Mead at Wingfield – Science and Technology for his organisation of this project launch, and for getting the Wiltshire Digital Community in to action. Thank you too to Lindsay Palmer, the Mead Teaching School lead, for her thoughtful involvement in this project. We really look forward to following, and being involved in, what happens over the next stages. Again, well done all.

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