ELMLE ‘European League for Middle Level Education’: Rome, Italy II

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Honoured to be asked to open the ELMLE ‘European League for Middle Level Education’ conference, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, St Peters, Rome, Italy.

We were joined by a couple of hundred middle school educators, from far & wide, for the start of this superb event. It is a committed group of middle school teachers who plan, arrange and present the most widely recognized dedicated middle school conference in Europe.

We would like to thank Derek Harwell ELMLE Steering Committee President International School of Amsterdam, Margaret Pringle, current Middle School Principal at Ambrit here in Rome, Catherine Dick, Emily Bridgham (and others) for organising such a superb event.

As Derek says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day. We use this statement when we are flabbergasted by or discouraged with a project but also when we are aware the project is worthwhile. When the ELMLE steering committee was considering a theme and slogan for our Rome Conference, we thought, “What takes years of work, a lot of patience, love, struggles, victories but ultimately is very worthwhile?” – Middle Schoolers! As a middle school teacher, you no doubt realize how well this statement fits with our daily work with students”

ELMLE’s  inaugural Leadership and Administrator’s Conference will be held at Frankfurt International School September 26 in conjunction with the European 1:1 Conference.  For more information and Registration, visit the website.

Every other month Tips for Teachers is compiled, edited and distributed  by Catherine Dick at the International School of Prague from works collected from ELMLE members. Upcoming Tip themes can be found on the Tips page.

In conjunction with the conference theme, ELMLE produces an annual, professional journal of ideas and best practice from middle school leaders.  Called Bridge in the Middle, they welcome articles of around 1000 words in length from all those who value the unique learning experience of middle school.  More information about Bridge in the Middle can be found on the website.

Many of the ELMLE schools enjoy dual membership benefits from AMLE (formerly NMSA) and ELMLE.  For more information on membership status, please check with membership@elmle.org

ELMLE became an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education last year. ELMLE members benefit from a reduced membership rate as well as up-to-date articles on educational technology in our Tips and Bridge publications.  ISTE hosts the premiere educational technology conference each summer with 2013 being in San Antonio, Texas.

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