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PollEverywhere is a good way to gather real-time feedback.

This could be during events, or learning sessions, using mobile devices, or laptops.

Choose between responding using texts, web, or Twitter. Anyone with a smartphone (or computer) and internet access can respond and skip the need for text messaging.

The free plan allows up to 40 responses per poll. By default, everyone’s identity is protected unless they give you permission to know something unique about them. Phone numbers are never shared.

Download ready made slides from PollEverywhere, enabling the display of live results, in PowerPoint or Keynote, with nothing to install.

Invite the audience, or class, to send in anything such as a phrase, event feedback, or a question for the panel, teacher or presenter.

Manually approve each message to prevent inappropriate, off-topic, duplicate, or irrelevant responses from showing up on your screens.

A chance to really learn how things are going ~ any time, everywhere.

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