WordSift ~ Picking up words and juggling them

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WordSift is a tool that was created primarily for teachers. Mainly, think of it playfully – as a toy in a linguistic playground that is available to instantly capture and display the vocabulary structure of texts, and to help create an opportunity to talk about, and play with, language.

WordSift helps anyone easily …sift (!) through texts —

Just cut and paste any text into WordSift and a whole array of ways of looking at text appear.

Stretch vocabulary and searches like a visual thesaurus of ideas. I love it!

picture-41The program helps to quickly identify important words that appear in the text. This function is widely available in various Tag Cloud programs on the web, and in Wordle, but WordSift integrates it with a few other functions, such as visualization of word relationships and Google searches of images and videos.

With just a click on any word in the Tag Cloud, the program displays instances of sentences in which that word is used in the text.

It is in no way as beautiful as the images created by Wordle,or Tagxedo, but it could be said that the potential for exploring words goes a whole lot further beyond that, allowing exploring and wandering through the world of words and heading off on tangents.

“WordSift also allows users to see relationships among words. Want to help students understand difficult-to-define academic words such as analyze? Show students synonyms of this word from within WordSift, using the Visual Thesaurus┬«. The Visual Thesaurus acts like a thesaurus-cum-dictionary with brilliant graphics. For word geeks and psycholinguists, this is a lot of intrinsic fun. But for teachers, it is a great way of talking about vocabulary — not as boring lists of definitions to be memorized, but as a web of relationships with other words — a veritable social network of words”.

picture-39Wordsift integrates with the The Visual Thesaurus’ hugely powerful VocabGrabber. Use it through Wordsift and it is free.

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