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WordsLike.net is a free service that allows you to find words and phrases that are similar or related to each other.

Type in a word or a phrase and WordsLike.net will come up with a list of related words and their corresponding definitions.

When we are doing the translator activity, getting students to “translate” (using the same language but different vocabulary) what one of the imaginary characters has invented on the spur of the moment, those children are often much better at the activity than adults.

I think this is because, whilst adults have an ever expanding thesaurus of alternative words to use, it is more that they spend a bit longer trying to find the ultimate word to impress. 🙂

We do need to expand the collection of alternatives our children have access to. We also need to encourage them to pick words up and juggle with them. This is why WordsLike.net is useful because, as well as giving synonyms for individual words, it also finds alternatives for complete phrases.

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