Portsmouth Headteachers Conference

| February 8, 2013 | 1 Comment 

Up before the heads again! A fun trip to Careys Manor in the New Forest,  for the Portsmouth Headteachers Conference to spend time with a fantastic bunch of people, up for challenges and laughs.

It was great to spend time with a group of senior management, who are open to thinking, inventively, and bravely, about learning, in different in contexts, and structures. What we share is not “rocket science”. It is not always about “the newest”, “the latest”, “the greatest”. It is more about considering how we can further enhance, and bring alive, our lessons, and learning opportunities, with, and without, technology.

Pick your tool, play with it, (experiment first, then plan it carefully) and watch the results…

There is a huge, and accessible, range of digital, and analogue, ways to engage, and motivate students of all ages, and abilities. They do not get in the way of learning. They do not, by taking away from time preparing for assessment tasks, contribute to a slide in results. On the contrary, they can have a big impact on standards in our learning environments.

Imaginative, adaptable, open teaching, with an affinity for the needs, challenges, (and celebrating the successes), of our pupils, are not only essential for quality learning to take place, they can also have a massive impact on, achievement… and enjoyment! It’s not about a new shining gadget, or a “latest thing”.

“It is what they say, rather than what they use to say it”.

Simon Marsden, ICT coordinator at Springfield School, did a fast paced session on open source alternatives to standard software and hardware.

He was joined, via Skype, by Jose Noto, the network system manager for the school, who now actually lives and works in France! The power of collaborative, remote, systems.

Xibo, free, open sourced digital signage. MRBS, free, open source room booking. Your infrastructure has to be absolutely sound, and robust, and then n easy, relatively inexpensive, 24/7 connected school is a powerful place to learn. Inkscape a free, open sourcee, graphics package to design the school logo, or other artwork.

Thank you to Sarah Sadler, Headteacher, Highbury Primary, and Polly Honeychurch, Headteacher Cottage Grove Primary, for organising our visit.

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  1. Ash Vaghela says:

    Superbly presented conference, thank you Tim! Great to have the time to think about how we could use ICT to enhance the learning experience for our pupils.

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