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Is it time to write a rhyme? Here are two that might help you: Write Rhymes.com and the Write Express Online Rhyming Dictionary.

Inspire… acquire, admire, afire, aspire, attire, backfirebemire, bonfire, brushfirechoir, conspire, desire, dire, empire, enquire, entire, esquire, expire, eyre, fire, foxfire, grassfire, greenbriergyre, haywirehire, hot-wire, inspire, ire, lyre, mire, misfire, perspire, pismire, quagmirerefire, rehire, require, retire, rewire, sapphire, satire, shellfire, shire, sire, spire, spitfire, squire, surefire, tightwire, tire, transpire, umpire, vampire, like wildfire!

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