American International School, Chennai, India ~ Day 1

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Truly wonderful to be back in India. This time, it is an honour to be invited to spend five days working alongside the staff and children of The American International School, Chennai, in South East India. We starting the day spending time with 60+ Grade 4 pupils (9 – 10 year olds) and their teachers, on the the theatre stage. Together, we spent time exploring the glorious landscapes of Myst IV:Revelation. The children played with language in an impressive style. This, despite the fact that many of the students have English as an additional language. A reflection of some of the many superb things this remarkable school already does with their students.

Well done all. Superb stuff.

In a session with the teachers, we thought, long and hard, about the techniques we used. We used a Lino-It to record some thoughts, and discussed aspects of classroom management, extension of written, and spoken, language, and the art of picking up words and juggling them.

The afternoon, with the Grade 5 pupils, took some fascinating turns. One child read some impressive descriptive narrative in Korean. The sound, and expressive tones, were enough to let us know how mysterious, and magical, his words were. Language really is remarkable isn’t it”?!

Written words are the way we communicate with people when they aren’t there. However, to read a piece of writing, out loud, takes courage, yet can add another layer of meaning in the way it is read, the tone of voice, and pacing, that we use can bring a text even more alive. The children, in this session, dripped their ideas in, in what became a trickle of ideas. A few surprised themselves, let alone the people they were sat with, apparently.

In another session with the teachers, we mixed technology and “scribbly sticks”, in picking apart what had taken flight in the previous lesson.

Thank you Kevin Crouch, IT Director, Kim Bane, Director of Teaching and Learning, and Priya Mukesh, technology integrator for K-2, and many others, for making our first day such an enjoyable start to this full on visit.

We are really looking forward to seeing where we can go next in the world of words…. and beyond. See you tomorrow.

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