American International School, Chennai, India ~ Day 5

| February 26, 2013 | 2 Comments 

It has been a total honour to be woven in to the social fabric, and learning community, of The American International School, Chennai, in South East India, for the last week. To travel, in real and virtual ways, with such creative, imaginative, warm, “love of learning” based people, is such a joy. We have learned a lot together, and that can only be good: the word “Teacher” does not imply that we are finished with learning. The staff, and the children, of this special place, are up for challenges.

Inquiring/Enquiring. Discovering. Questioning. Laughing and learning. Adapting. Giving. Forgiving. Changing. Adapting. Sharing. Caring.Very much already in place here. We hope we have been able to bring just a few ideas to extend their already bubbling ideas.

Our sessions with younger children are very different to those with the older students. The children sit closely together to begin with. It is a great way to build some confidence to drip ideas in, with others around them. It was great to watch some of the teachers sit in amongst the children with expressive faces and encouraging ideas. This meant that everybody was able to share their fantastic imagination with others around them, on different scales.

The ability to drop an idea in to a lesson, calmly and confidently, and to listen with patient, respectful attentiveness, is something we can build in at an early age, and these beautiful, peaceful landscapes provide a great setting in which to model, and develop, such aspects. AIS Chennai most definitely already have a focus on inquisitiveness. Such skills are so valuable as they progress through the school.

To say a THANK YOU to Kevin Crouch, and Priya Mukesh, would not do justice to the remarkable organisation, and incredibly warm, and thoughtful, hosting of our trip. We have felt so involved in local life, as well as a fantastic school. To all of the staff, the children, and parents of #AISChennai ~ Here’s to keeping in touch along your next steps on a remarkable journey. Well done ALL. Go for it!

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  1. Kay Clarke says:

    Dear Tim Rylands,

    It was really fun seeing writing. I like drawing a map of where the stairs were going. At first we didn’t know what we were looking at. We figured it out in our minds. Then we explored. We liked the pictures and it was fun going up the stairs. We screamed!

    Love from 1E

  2. Carlina says:

    Tim, thank you so much for a wonderful week full of inspiration! I really like how you emphasized the need to stop rather than constantly rushing our children forward. This is not only a great reminder to me as an educator, but also a parent. How can we write without first observing, talking and listening?

    “Writing floats on a sea of talking and listening.”

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