Some Crazy Cranleigh Creatures ~ Build Your Wild Self

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Hi Tim,

I’m one of the teachers who was at the Cranfold confederation insets you did, both times around. (1 Day 1, 1 day 2, and the full on 2nd visit). This week my Year 4 class have had a go using (which we found from your blog here).

Once their creatures were created, we decided some would make hilarious pets so the children were asked to create a care guide for them.

They absolutely loved the tasks, as each creature was unique and their own, meaning a lot more pride (and enjoyment) was taken in their work.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jack Driscoll (@mr dribble)

Park Mead Primary School, Cranleigh

Thank you Jack, for sending these gorgeous creations through. Well done Year Four, for some deliciously creatures, and care guides, too. Nicely spicely.

How about, (Year 4 vets, carers and zookeepers) you had a go at recreating your animals in Switcheroo Zoo, where you could also investigate things such things as the diet, habitats, (and so much more) of each part of your composite animule. Again, WELL DONE & THANK YOU.

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