Roseberry Primary, Stockton-on-Tees ~ Day 1

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Before we do, or say, anything else, we must start with a massive “Thank You” to Maggie Fearnley, head teacher at at Roseberry Primary, Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, for being SO adaptable: Maggie was up for changing dates to fit in with a bit of international here-there-and-everywhere. We got back from India, on Wednesday (last week) and it was “The Bald Bloke’s 50th” on the Thursday. Sarah arranged a surprise trip to Barcelona, somewhere sought after for so many years.

We started today with a bunch of delightful Year 5 pupils, their teachers and teaching assistants from across Roseberry Primary.

Then an afternoon with those staff, picking apart and exploring the ideas from the morning, and so much more, followed by a twilight with all the staff from both sites of the school.

The aim: picking words, ideas and thoughts, up and juggling them. Written text is how we can communicate with people when they’re not there. Because of this, our choice of words, the order and structure of them, can be crucial in changing meaning, feeling and sense. The children at Roseberry took to the idea of getting brave with words, and played with them in fascinating ways.

Because of time, and “so much to do”, we didn’t get to share much of our written “outcomes”. Instead, we had a focus on developing confidence to try “Verbal Jazz”, making things up as you go along. One lad came up and did a “running commentary”. This was a running description of what was (or rather WASN”T) happening. Taking time and extending his description of an unfolding, unknown experience. “C” showed superb, invention, and courage, as he improvised an imaginative reflection on the experience, even though it was far from the speedy pace that a football commentator might describe. Nicely done.

When characters come up, we have discovered that there is safety in… partnerships. “Safety in numbers” (as in more than two) can sometimes transfer in to relying on “someone else doing it”, and the pace and, strangely, courage, can drop. A pair of characters popped out of the Year 5 throng, and then surprised us all with some wonderful, “fabricated but true”, in other words utterly believable background tales about life within the land we were exploring. Well done “S” and “R”, but also to the rest of the year group because the questions they asked, with the hints and question starters from sets of “Thinking Dice”, were fascinating, and challenging.

A thoroughly enjoyable wandering in the world of words, digital and analog. Well done Roseberry. More tomorrow…

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  1. Nicola Stanley says:

    I had a brilliant time today. I was truly inspired by the ICT stimulus used in the session and was thrilled to see the creativity of the children developing. During the twilight session, Tim gave us lots of exciting ways to integrate ICT into the classroom and I couldn’t wait to get home to access these. Look forward to more exciting information tomorrow!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Nicola. Glad you found some useful things too
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try first

  3. Aimee Bowey says:

    Thank you for today, great ideas which I’m looking forward to trying out in class. Children were really engaged and enjoyed their morning with you. 🙂

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