“Thank you for two wonderful days!”

| March 8, 2013 | 6 Comments 

Thank you to Gary, Sam & Martin for sending us their thoughts on our 2 days at  St Thomas More RC Primary, Hull.

Absolutely fantastic! Words are not enough to describe the fun the children have had playing with words. Inspiring, stimulating, enjoyable! We were all expecting a technology overload to help stimulate learning within our school. Hang on… What is that noise? As the children entered the hall to the sound of a howling wind it was clear this was going to be very special.

In the background, the teachers began wittering… “He’s actually having to tell those boys to put their pencils down!” “Look at him having a go!” “Have you seen the smile on her face!” “Listen to the vocabulary they’re using and that argument was amazing!” Throughout, Tim used a range of classroom management techniques that we couldn’t wait to steal and add a little sparkle.

A day later, faces aching from the smiles, minds reinvigorated, resources sorted, twitter and a blog ready to share our writing with the world and each other. Pupils and staff are all eager to develop our minds. Translators, experts, interviewers, the magical landscape of Myst to explore – we can’t wait.

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  1. Martin says:

    It was an absolute privilege to have you in our school for two days and we all cannot wait to get back into the classroom reinvigorated and ready to add ‘a little sparkle!’

  2. Sue Wass says:

    I am delighted with the success of the last two days. The children and staff have gained do much from the experience. One year 5 child (Olivia) said she wished you could come to St Thomas More every day… So do I

  3. Tim says:

    Hey. Nice one. Well, YOU were up for everything, and with a permanent smile on your face- so Thank You Martin.
    Please keep in touch and let us know what you get up to

    (Look behind you 😀 )

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Sue
    As a head, you took a strong move, being up for us organising these two days in such a way that we got to do the analog and the digital.You have a right to be very proud of your colleagues, children, and school.
    We look forward to the next steps with the STM learning community.

  5. Fayaz Malik says:

    An excellent presentation today. Really inspiring and motivating.
    Would love to get you into my school and ressurect teaching.
    Thanks again for a cracking hour – got to go now – outtatime!!!

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Fayaz
    We would LOVE to come and work alongside you all at your school
    Maybe drop us an email (tim@timrylands.com) and we can see how we might be able to help you out
    Love the Outtatime reference
    :Quotes. Where we going we (don’t) need… quotes”. Nice one
    Keep in touch
    All the best
    Tim and Sarah

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