The Ken Loach of Educational ICT? (!!!?!)

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Thank you to Bob Harrison, for this very thoughtful reflection on our session at the Education Innovation event.

Ken Loach has been the filmtrack to my life. His portrayal of the PE teacher in the film KES always has me in stitches and at the same time makes me cry as he drives home a serious and profound point.

So it is with Tim Rylands.

I have seen Tim perform (and it is a performance) on many occasions over the past few years.

We worked together on the BSF Leadership programme and have shared many a conference line up.

So I was delighted to see he was on the agenda for the Education Innovation conference in Manchester (why don’t education conferences come to Manchester more often) and his session started just after mine finished.

Mine was a dull and boring update on the Teaching Schools and what they are trying to do with ICT whereas Tim’s was a kaleidoscope and magical mystery tour through how digital technologies can engage and inspire children to be creative, collaborative co-constructors and producers not just consumers.

Unlike some other well known headline conference presenters whose presentations I have now memorised word perfect and could deliver the punchlines on cue Tim’s performance is never the same and is always fresh and brings new perspectives as well as new technologies.

So when you look at the images of smiling faces on Tim’s website do not be fooled. At the very moment Sarah has snapped the laughter a very serious learning penny is about to drop and some profound learning takes place.

Whilst Tim is highly amusing he also recognises that the education of our children to prepare them for the digital future is a serious and that technology can and does really inspire, engage, motivate and enhance learning.

He has dedicated his life to  sharing that message and for that I am grateful.

Wow! Thank you Bob for your kind words, and perceptive thoughts. We are so glad you found things useful too. I cannot always promise that everything will be new, and different, (“I am eco friendly and do try to recycle a certain amount of my material” : – D ) but we do try to be up to the minute, and include as much fresh, and different for each session as possible. This Back to Their Future presentation has been a delight (and a lot of joyous struggle) to develop, and we look forward to sharing, and expanding, it some more. Again, thanks for your thoughts, Bob.

Bob Harrison, Education Adviser, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd – Consultant, National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services- Chair,Teaching Schools Technology Advisory Board.

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