Athersley South and Worsbrough Common PS ~ Day 1

| March 11, 2013 | 22 Comments 

At Athersley South Primary School  with all the staff from Worsbrough Common Primary School  and visiting colleagues from:

Athersley North Primary, Birdwell Primary School, Birkwood Primary, Birley Spa Primary, Carrfield Primary Academy, Cobblers Lane Primary, Darton College, Darton Primary School, Greenfield Primary School, Heathergarth Primary, Horizon Community College, Hoyland Common, Lacewood Primary School, Longley Primary School, Mapplewell Primary School, Middlethorpe Primary, Mundella Primary School, Penistone St John the Baptist, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary, Springwell Community School, Thurgoland C E School, Ward Green Primary, Wellgate Primary School, Wilthorpe Primary School, St James School and St Helens Primary.

What a joyous day! So many people and many of them already Twits! Have a look at the hashtag #ICT2Inspire, on Twitter, to see some of the thoughts through the day.

Thank you to Steve Iredale, head teacher at Athersley South for hosting our days in Barnsley. Steve is the President of the NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers):

Athersley South is a special place where learning really is fun!

We are one of those many schools serving a challenging community that seems to be continually battered by flawed policies from a succession of governments who have lost their way! Yet somehow, despite the seemingly never ending pressures and goal post moving, our school has gone from strength to strength over the last few exciting years.

So what has made us what we are? We have a strong culture of team work, leadership at all levels and a belief that everyone can do. We want everyone at Athersley South to be real learners, to be willing to experiment and take risks looking for new ways to inspire and enthuse. Of course we also ‘play the game’, when we have to although we are good at using our rules! We certainly don’t always get it right and always have things to learn!

It’s the responsibility of everyone in our school to focus on the things that really do matter and provide that spark of creativity which lights the flame for every single one of our children. They are the salt of the earth and deserve the very best learning opportunities and experiences which will give them the confidence to go into the world and do great things. It is that which drives us all.

We are proud of the high expectations we set ourselves and our children and of course focus on outcomes, particularly in terms of progress, but we pride ourselves equally in the many so important things in a child’s life that are not measurable. How to be part of a community, to respect the views of others, to be caring, to be reflective, developing self control and having the confidence to stand up for what is right.

The job is never complete. Like all schools we are always anxious to improve, to find better solutions together and to move to the next level in our development. It’s that constant desire to reflect and analyse which has made Athersley South the school it is!

Thank you Steve. You have right to be very proud of your school, and your colleagues, and of the visiting staff today. We really enjoyed our day, and are really looking forward to tomorrow, when we go wandering in the world of words, with your children.

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  1. Tom Banham says:

    What a fantastic day! Teaching and learning to inspire today’s generation. Great resources, great fun and will undoubtedly have an impact on hundreds of children and teachers.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Tom
    Would love to know what you try, and how things go
    Keep in touch

  3. Dawn Tyas says:

    Today I entered the world of Tim Rylands. What a fantastic experience. Lots to think about and try out. Thank you Tim.

  4. Vanessa Johnston says:

    What an inspirational day! Really excited to start using Myst in my classroom. Thanks Tim.

  5. Helen Stokes says:

    Being surrounded by that many primary colleagues I was a little concerned how much I would get out of today but I have got so many ideas to take back to Horizon! I am buzzing!

    Thanks Tim and Sarah!

  6. WOW what a fantastic and mega inspiring day- my head is buzzing! Such great ideas that spanned all key stages.
    Came away with awesome ideas to really develop speaking and listening with our 3, 4 and 5 year olds.
    Many thanks Tim and Sarah was blown away 🙂

    Cannot wait to blog the results with my little dots… Watch this space!!

  7. Tim says:

    The world of digital wonders maybe? Have fun on your travels 😀

  8. Tim says:

    Brilliant stuff. We would love to know what you get up to and how things go. Keep in touch

  9. Tim says:

    Great to hear. Do let us know how you get on and what you try… Go for it

  10. Tim says:

    What lovely feedback
    Thank you Nicola
    We can’t wait to read what you get up to with you “little dots” 😀

  11. Paddy Wright says:

    Wow, a truly inspirational day packed with ideas for all who were lucky enough to be there! Great to leave with such a buzz!
    If you have a minute it would be great if you could drop a line on our class blog
    I know the kids would love to hear from you!

  12. Louise Proud says:

    What a fantastic, mind-blowingly inspirational day! Looking forward to introducing lots of fab resources to my class 🙂

  13. Emily says:

    A really enjoyable and informative day today. Have you tried ‘morfo’ on the iPad for animating faces and photos?

  14. Holly Gooch says:

    Definitely the most useful and enjoyable training day I’ve ever been on! Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions. I’ve got so many new ideas I can’t wait to try out as well as knowing how to use old software in more imaginative and child-friendly ways.

  15. Lisa Gray says:

    Wow my head is buzzing with ideas after today’s amazing event with Tim and Sarah . Thank you for the inspiration and for giving me the courage to give it a go !

  16. Kate Davies says:

    THE Tim Rylands didn’t disappoint! Great day Tim and Sarah – I’m busy making writing frames tonight!

    Kate 🙂

  17. Tim says:

    Thank you THE Kate Davies
    Well done for organising such a fun day with Steve
    We’re so glad you weren’t disappointed, after all of the build up, and preparation
    It was a fun day wasn’t it
    We are really looking forward to seeing what you make, and how things go
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  18. Tim says:

    Hey! Well done Lisa
    We would love to know what you try first, and how you get on
    Go for it! 😀

  19. Tim says:

    That is so good to hear Holly
    Glad you found some new ideas, but, as you say, some ways to use “old stuff” in imaginative ways too
    Please let us know how you get on…

  20. Tim says:

    Thanks for the feedback Emily
    Morfo is great isn’t it? Thanks for the nudge, and happy playing 😀

  21. Tim says:

    Nice one Louise – Take it steady now and one by one. Enjoy the things you try :-=D

  22. Tim says:

    Nice one Paddy
    Glad you found some useful things to try
    Well done for what you’re doing with blogging by the way
    A great way to make the walls of our school open for others to see the wonderful things your children are doing
    Keep in touch…

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