ICT to Inspire, Kirkby 2.1: Park Brow Primary

| March 20, 2013 | 2 Comments 

Great to be back in Kirkby, for a second, three day, “ICT to Inspire” project, alongside the Kirkby Collaborative.

Today, we enjoyed a day of investigations, with the staff, and children, of Park Brow Primary School.

We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the collaborative (!) in our first three day project in 2012: Day 1 ~ Day 2 ~ Day 3 and a previous visit to Northwood Community Primary.

We started the day with the truly delightful Year 6 pupils, their teachers, teaching assistants and visiting colleagues from the neighbouring schools of Northwood Community Primary, Park View School, Newstead School , Westvale Primary School and further afield from St Pauls Peel C of E School in Salford. They picked up on so many ideas, including going further than just ‘The Title’ and ‘drinking in the ideas’.

“Going Beyond The Title” of an idea, means that we want far more detail than just something like “It’s hot”. Extending ideas in to such things as the reason for the heat, what effect that heat might have on how we feel, what makes us feel that it is hot, how we might describe that heat, and how can we bring that sense of heat alive in our talking, and writing.

This session was followed by the opportunity to spend time with the staff sharing ideas, using discussion and LinoIt.

LinoIt proves to be a powerful, huge, social, adaptable, collaborative or independent, opportunity to share, gather and collect, ideas, thoughts, images, links and so much more.

Then an afternoon with the equally delightful Year 2 pupils, and additional colleagues from Millbrook Community Primary School.

Our focus today was on building engaging ways to motivate and inspire writing, language confidence, and picking up words… and juggling them. Through some accessible, but incredibly engaging, technologies, and even more simple teaching styles, we shared an exploration of methods of extending learning, and bringing our teaching sessions alive, even further than the remarkable things these schools already achieve.

Steve Dixon, Collaborative Development Manager, says:

“We have a Collaborative way of working that makes a positive impact on the educational experience for all pupils in Kirkby. We work closely together in a flexible range of clusters and networks in order to address priorities at a local level. We know those partnerships are the key to success”.

“We have supported the process of school collaboration and improvement for over 15 years by identifying Collaborative annual priorities for development, through analysing a range of data and evidence sources. These have been transferred into annual action plans to address the agreed priorities”.

The geographical proximity of all the schools enables a range of flexible clusters to be created that are responsive to need.

In 2010 the Collaborative completed an extensive survey with 236 Year 5 boys in thirteen schools on their attitudes to writing.

The outcomes of the survey raised a range of issues to consider within the Collaborative including:

  • The need to embrace more use of ICT in the development of writing
  • Creating a more diverse range of writing choices and opportunities
  • Enriching the writing vocabulary of children
  • Supporting children to move from thoughts to narrative

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  1. Janet Smajli says:

    Thank you so much for the wealth of truly inspiring ideas. I regard each as a grain of fine sand,from which I intend to build my learning castle! Thank you. Janet

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Janet
    The first grain of sand may have been buried in the bucket, of ideas, by the end of the day
    But… when you turn the collection on its head, tap it, and lift… that grain of sand may be at the top of a wonderful castle.
    …and… you have inspired a poster… 😀

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