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The Answer Pad is a great, FREE, way of creating questions (in many styles), gathering answers, and keeping a track of the results. Use the reporting system for item analysis, reports by skill, by class, by student. Setting questions free.

Choose from 8 different question types: Numberwheel, Fill in, Pie Shade-In, Rectangle Shade-In, Co-ordinate Grid, Multiple-Choice, Yes/No, and True/False. Students can also show their “working outs” on the scratch pad.

Teachers register for FREE at Students either download TAPit Free iPad app or log in at to use the browser version on any device/tablet.

The free version allows a teacher to set up one class with 36 students.

The new Go Interactive component of The Answer Pad allows teachers to engage their students by “pushing” out different response types to the class. The students submit their responses and the teacher dashboard displays a great visual of all the students responses on one screen. The best part about Go Interactive is the fact that, since teachers are not typing in questions, or making slides and presentations, there is almost no preparation needed to use this tool in the classroom. The Go Interactive feature is currently only available with the TAPit Free app. A browser version is “coming soon“.

Use the answer sheet feature for summative assessments, quizzes and tests and get immediate reporting, or the Go Interactive for formative assessment to drive lesson sessions.

A cross-platform, easy to master, tool, and a chance to go way beyond multiple choice?

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  1. Hi Tim, and thanks for the write up. I wanted to let you know that since this post we have made a number of updates. The free tool is now for 1 teacher and up to 200 students. Go Interactive is available on the browser and on the app, and we also can now save the data from the Go Interactive session, creating digital portfolios of student progress over time. We are happy with the progress we have made this first year, with more to come! Next up is a website revamp, UI makeover, and then a couple of new great features! Again, thanks for sharing about The Answer Pad – we really appreciate it.

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