St Silas Church of England Primary, Toxteth, Liverpool ~ Day 2

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A rewarding and very enjoyable morning with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils of St Silas Church of England Primary School with their teachers, teaching assistants and visiting colleagues from neighbouring schools: Windmill Hill Primary, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary, Woolton Primary, St Anne’s RCP, St Charles Catholic Primary, Windsor CPS, St Nicholas Catholic Primary, Kingsley CPS, Pleasant St Primary, Forefield Infants, Bedford Primary School, St John’s RC Primary, Greenbank Primary, Smithdown Primary, St Michael in the Hamlet Primary, Norman Pannell Primary, Holy Family Catholic Primary, Farnborough Road Infants and Belvedere Preparatory School.

Then a fun afternoon with the Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and further colleagues. Wow! How well they did! To be 5, or 6, and begin to find your voice, and share those ideas with others, takes bravery, courage, and a need for a developing understanding of when, and how, it works best to do that sharing. A NEED to tell everybody, can lead to a glorious “cacophony of chaos” as ALL of those ideas are “shared” at once. Well done Y1 and 2 for taking your time, sharing, looking after other people’s ideas, and building a lovely ability to hold on, take in the gems that others are sharing too.

A rap, of thoughts, came to use about how we built on those aspects of  “finding the right time to drip your ideas in”, and “People WILL get to hear your idea, especially if it comes out at “the right time, and in the right way”. Hold on to it for just a little longer. I WILL come back”. (Then we have to remember to go back, of course, and celebrate the ideas when they come):

“Excitement escaping containment, but transformation on this occasion, though it needed some persuasion, meant a graduation, and steady escalation from a foundation of gentle contemplation, grew to wonderful elation”.

So, a massive well-done-and-pat-on-the-back to all involved today, and yesterday, for all of the learning explorations we shared together. What a star bunch!

Thank you to Jonathan Nichols, Headteacher here at St Silas Primary School, for sharing his thoughts:

ICT to inspire.

Yesterday we had Tim and Sarah in our school for a full day of ‘ICT to inspire’.  As a Headteacher the idea of training days with all staff (including LSA’s) makes you think will the day be a success, will it be pitched at the correct level, will all staff engage and will the day listening and working with someone move learning in our school forward? Focusing on ICT as the can also be a ‘sticky wicket’ to play on as staff reach across the whole spectrum from P scales to Level 6+.  As the day progressed it is fundamentally clear that ICT is not the focus but actually the main focus is on engagement of learners.

The day was a massive success; I already know this as staff made comments to me during and after the event about what they actually want to do to develop learning in their classroom, LSA’s and teachers. The litmus test I use to judge the quality of training is to observe other members within the session at break time. When the sessions ended, there was no mad rush for coffee, at half past three no one had their coat on and car keys in their hand. Tim and Sarah made staff think, they also made them reflect on their practice. If they were a bowler in cricket match, there session was like that of the perfect ball, what we call a ‘peach’. It was heading for middle stump for most of the session, but it swung both ways in the flight to engage and focus the whole spectrum of experience in the room.

Another major factor for myself is Tim actually puts his money where is mouth is, he works with the children and shows staff how all his ideas come together in the real world when teaching children. No one can walk away and say “It’s all very well and good, but it wouldn’t work with my…”
A brilliant day.

Many thanks to Tim and Sarah – Jonathan

Thank you Jonathan. To carry on your sports analogy… it was a game of two halves wasn’t it? We are glad that both elements were useful. Your school, colleagues, children, and visitors, made our days… go for six! Thank you.

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