Whole Island Training, Amherst Primary, Guernsey ~ Day 2

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Another lovely day at Amherst Primary School, in St Peter Port, Guernsey. Today, we had the pleasure of doing a bit virtual, and real, exploring, alongside the satff, and children, from Amherst Primary School, and those from Vauvert Primary School.

Guernsey is a special place. The landscape is inspiring ~ a beautiful collection of sights, light, and scenery of such variety. To then head off in to “digital” landscapes could seem like a contradiction of values.

These virtual worlds are no “instead of”. Not an “alternative to” the real. There can be no replacement for going our in to to the analog, real, landscapes around us, whatever form they take.

The games we used, in both sessions, were, as ever, carefully chosen, for their peaceful, and immersive, qualities, and for the power they have to motivate even the most reluctant of children. And, boy, did this lot “go for it!”?! Well done indeed, folks, for some confident, and imaginative talk, flowing in to some quality writing too.

We are also big advocates for the need to keep a mix of the analog and digital. There is no replacement for getting out in the world and investigating it, and our relationship with it, and each other, in a setting that might scratch us, but we can learn from.

It is powerful to apply some of the skills we learn in the virtual worlds, (problem solving, group skills, descriptive language, and SO MUCH MORE) in the REAL world challenges we set children.

How valuable to work alongside teachers here who understand the value of a concoction of the two. Thank you.

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