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Invitation to World Literature

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Invitation to World Literature is a multimedia series introducing drama, epic poetry, and novels from many times and cultures. Thirteen half-hour videos form the centerpiece of the project, and feature a mix of writers, scholars, artists, and performers with personal connections to world literature, from Philip Glass to Alan Cumming, Wole Soyinka to Kristin Chenoweth.

With thirteen texts, rom The Odyssey, from the eighth century BC, to The God of Small Things, by Arundhati Roy, in 1998, and including such things as the classic Things Fall Apart by the recently departed Chinua Achebe, this a fascinating collection of resources.

What makes a successful INSET day?

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A big Thank You to Tracey Moore, Head Teacher at Amherst Primary School, Guernsey, for her thoughts on our two day visit, earlier this week. (Day one and Day two).

What makes a successful INSET day?   High levels of engagement and excitement, the capacity to reinvigorate, time to reflect, a speaker who motivates and inspires… Well, we have been privileged to have all those boxes ticked thanks to Tim Rylands.

Two days on the theme of ICT to inspire might have terrified the technophobes amongst my staff, but make no mistake, this was not about technology this was all about learning.

The first day, spent with teachers, offered a treasure chest bursting with ideas, all carefully chosen to enthuse, encourage and excite learners. Tim expertly modelled the teaching styles and techniques, designed to encourage the most reluctant of boy writers. His ability to get children to describe, recount and predict was breathtaking. He made us all rethink our teaching and reinstate opportunities to stop and think. His inspirational ideas had staff returning home that night and creating resources that I have no doubt  will impact in the classroom. Continue Reading