Gewoon Speciaal ~ What a day!

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Two months ago we were invited to go to the IPON conference for ‘Gewoon Speciaal’ Simply Special, that happened on Wednesday April 10th. Nothing special for so far, you might think, but because my students (with special educational needs) in coordination with the Social Media Circle, ICT&E, some of them could go with me to make it really special.

At the first meeting we heard about your participation, so I warmed up my kids and began to think about our interpretation for the day.

Four of my enthusiastic pupils came up with the idea to make an Animoto. We had worked with it in the Social Media Circle, so that could be a good way to present.

Four kids, from my colleague Erik Lagraauw’s class, could come to the convention. In the Circle, his students worked with video camera and interviewing, so that would be their involvement.

Two girls from our classes thought about their mission. This is how the Facebook-page came alive. Those girls were going to promote that page by flyering and travelling around the exhibition with QR-codes.

On the day itself, the kids got nervous but were really excited. They knew “Tim Rylands” from the video on Facebook and they were trained for interviewing, photographing & working with the programs they had to use.

Impressed by the size of the convention, and all the free stuff, they received their missions from you, Tim.

Enthusiastic, they entered the convention with their mission. It was really so great to see our Special Needs students, walk into the room; shameless, confident and with the intention to make a success of it!

And they did! After only one hour they returned with all the information they need. The processing could begin!

In the Glass Classroom they began to work the ideas out. My students built the Animoto, Erik’s kids the video. It was as if there was no one around them, they worked out the all the problems, and challenges, themselves.

For kids with less concentration, we also had the challenge to watch, and do, the presentations after a long day. Not in Dutch, as they used to do, either, but listen to English!

Even after a long day of working, waiting, listening and doing, they did their presentation as it was the most natural thing in the world.

Yes, these students “raised above themselves” that day and I am very sure that they will remember this for ever. It was a lifetime experience!

Thank you

Tom Stoute
VSO Herenwaard, Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Thank you Tom, and a HUuuGE WELL DONE to you, and your remarkable students, for rising to the challenge.

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