Lark Partners, Suffolk ~ Day 1

| April 15, 2013 | 13 Comments 

The first of two full on days at West Row CP School, alongside colleagues from St Mary’s Church of England Academy, Beck Row Primary, Lakenheath Community PrimarySt Christopher’s CEVCP School and Great Heath Primary.

For a group of schools who came together with us today, to focus on helping our children to take off and fly with their learning, it is very appropriate that some of them belong to the Lark Partners. It is also relevant that the remarkable Mildenhall Airbase is close by!

A big thank you to Geraldine Ciantar, Headteacher, at West Row Primary, for organising, and hosting, our visit, and to all who came soaring with us.

We discussed the aspect of pupil motivation, engagement, and involvement, being some of the most valuable elements of powerful learning experiences, and crucial to enable an initial “take off”. They also ensure that children remain in touch with their own development, and learning, with improved outcomes, in terms of standards, confidence, and developing that desire to fly.

Finding additional, effective approaches, techniques, and tools, is the root of our work over these two days, in different settings.

The common factor is a desire to improve levels in writing, lesson structures, speaking and listening, teaching styles, and individual’s desire to be involved in their life long learning.

Information, is accessible, available, downloadable, and discoverable, in many forms, for free, and just a click away, these days. It was superb to share, swap, discuss, and develop opportunities to build, discuss, and extend, ways that folk here today could continue the great work they are already doing, in moving beyond the older model of education when the focus seemed to be on generating “memorising machines”.

The learning, behind the tools we discussed, was all about nurturing independent, (yet cooperative) analytical, (and open) questioning, (and accepting) thoughtful (and thinking) critical children. Children who are able to assess the voracity of that readily available stack of “facts”. Children who are able to be involved in guiding their own learning, and (perhaps the most important role of quality learning), able to consider approaches in knowing, (or working out) what to do when they don’t know what to do.

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  1. Angie says:

    So many ideas. Will try some out tomorrow. Many thanks.

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks to Tim and Sarah for a very packed and exhausting day. We all went away with our brains buzzing and we certainly have at least ‘one’ thing to go away and try!

  3. Tim says:

    Good to hear Angie
    Glad you found some useful things
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try first

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Emma
    We’d love to know what YOUR one thing is
    And the next one 😀
    Have fun

  5. Angela Moore says:

    WOW! So many exciting ideas to try out. Am going to use ‘The Hat’ for Talk Partners tomorrow. Really looking forward to working with Tim, Sarah and my class on Tuesday

  6. Geraldine says:

    A stimulating day with lots of resources to engage pupils.
    Loved that children were kept at the heart of all the discussion. I particularly liked how PowerPoint was used in such a creative way.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  7. Christa Page says:

    Great day, lots of great ideas. Looking forward to seeing some in practise tomorrow .

  8. Tim says:

    So are we Angela
    Have fun and see you tomorrow

  9. Tim says:

    Thank you, Geraldine, for a special day
    See you all tomorrow for more

  10. Tim says:

    Thank you
    We’d love to know what you try out first 🙂

  11. Mark A says:

    Really enjoyed today – if only we could keep the children out of school for the rest of the week so I could play a little bit more. I’ve been playing with a few ideas already.

  12. Tim says:

    Thanks Mark
    It will be great to have the children in tomorrow – honest
    Just take things slowly – 1 resource at a time
    Hope you enjoy what you try out first
    We’d love it if you could let us know how things go too
    Tim and Sarah

  13. Kitch says:

    Fab day, can’t wait to try out some ideas and do the PowerPoint thang. Did some word clouds of wow adjectives this evening for a starter. I reckon sorting hat tomorrow! 😉

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