Peanut Gallery Films ~ Inter Titles come alive

| April 17, 2013 | 0 Comments 

In old, black and white, filmsĀ intertitles were used to convey some ikmportant elements of the film’s message to the audience. Text, which appeared in the middle of a filmed scene, would share a character’s dialogue, or describe something about the plot, to keep the film goers up to speed.

Peanut Gallery is a Chrome Experiment that lets you add intertitles to old film clips using your voice, then share those clips with your friends. It uses your computer’s microphone and the Web Speech API in Google Chrome to turn speech into text.

In old cinemas, the Peanut Gallery was a place of great mirth, and rumbustious merriment. What other excuse do you need to go and get storytelling in a fascinating way?

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