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When I saw your presentation “Back to Their Future” at the BETT-show in London, I got inspired. I thought it would be nice if my students, from Bernadetteschool, could meet you and work with you. I talked about this idea with Bob Hofman.

Sometimes a wish seems meant to be. After a few weeks it was certain: Tim Rylands is coming to the IPON “gewoon speciaal” conference in Utrecht. This was the start of something great that happened on April 10th.

My students, pupils with special needs, were invited, just like some students from other special need schools. Our connection was the social media circle from ICT+E where pupils designed their own social media protocol.

My students were a bit nervous because they are not speaking English and they are not used to big crowd. But your little film on Facebook helped them a lot. This teacher looks like a friendly one. We practiced some small English talk and we prepared us to work with the programs Lino-It and Tagxedo. We wanted to do some interviewing and present the answers in a lino- it.

Then you, Tim, started the program of the day. And they understood. Your sense of humour helped them to feel confident and inspired and after that they flowed out to the crowd, to interview people attending the IPON event.

There they revealed themselves to be confident students. They walked much more straight and their voices sounded more confident than ever before. They did the whole process by themselves. And they worked it out together. I didn’t have to help much. My task was to observe and to be proud.

After a long day we drove home. There was a lot of excited talk in the bus.” I did things I thought I wouldn’t dare” said one of them. Another boy told me, it was the day of his life. “After today I understand English,” said the third one. And they were proud that they participated in this special day.

Thank you for this Tim and we hope to meet again.

Diana Aben
Bernadetteschool, Oss (Take a look at our brand new website maybe).

A day later my students wrote a short impression about this day in Utrecht:

My name is Sander,
I met Tim at Wednesday, April during “Gewoon Speciaal” at Utrecht. It was very cool to meet Tim Rylands, he was very funny, he has been very helpful. We went there to interview people about social media. When we were done we had to explain what we had made. and then we got a poster and then we went back home
Greetings Sander

We could first walk through the exhibition, and then we just eat and then we were taught by Tim Rylands and we were instructed to ask people what they think about social media and find the Project

We came there and met with Tim Rylands, and we a task where we had to interview people and we succeeded, and then it was over and we went back to school and then we went home

We arrived at the Gewoon Speciaal conference. And first we went to walk around. And then we got an order from Tim Rylands. We had to ask questions to other people on the floor of the IPON. We asked What their meaning is about the use of social media at schools. Is it a good thing or not?

Thank you Diana, and well done indeed to you, and your superb students, for some remarkable presentations, and for the way you all carried out your investigations, and interviews. We came to learn, and found that
YOU really ARE the experts.

Tim and Sarah

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