Solihull Primary Schools I(nspiring)CT Training ~ Day 1

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The first of our two days, working alongside teachers, and pupils, from across the Solihull area. Today we had a Key Stage 1, and early years focus, with children, and staff, at Castle Bromwich Nursery and Infant School.

We were joined by colleagues from:Lady Katherine Leveson C of E Primary, St Anne’s Catholic Primary, Marston Green Infant School, Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary, Monkspath Junior and Infant School, Forest Oak School, St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary, Bishop Wilson Primary, Smith’s Wood PrimaryOak Cottage Primary and St Alphege Infant School.

A big “Thank You” to Lynne Russell, head teacher, for inviting us into her school.

Today, we explored how ICT can expand and enhance some aspects of the curriculum. We started with a joint exploration of some of the visual literacy ideas that games can inspire.

Then, in an afternoon, with key people, and a larger scale twilight, we had a good look at how we can use a huge variety of resources as other spring boards for creativity across the curriculum.

Many of the principles, behind the things we do, around using elements of ICT to inspire, engage and motivate students, apply right the way through the age ranges in schools. As you might say ~ “From the little snotty ~ to the big spotty”.

We can often be surprised by how inventive, and imaginative, our younger students can be, and need to remember that it is woven in to their way of thinking. Even very small children use such things as simile, and metaphor. “Mr Rylands, Look! Look at the water, it’s like a dancing window!”

Sometimes, because of schemes of work, and external curriculum plans, it can be almost as if we have to overlook some of those skills, and “put it back in” ~ “at the right time”. Surprises are never far though.

When using computer games as a stimulus for writing, there are so many different genres that can flow from the images and experiences. With some of the more realistic experiences of high quality adventure games, descriptive narrative is perhaps the most natural first focus, due to the engaging nature of the landscapes.

However, a huge variety of writing styles can be inspired by our journeys through these worlds.

And, what remarkable thinking was shown today. We even had a balanced argument with a couple of, amazingly brave, soul. In front of sixty other people in the room, their opinion, about our proposed route, was portrayed so clearly. A little bit of “seeing the other side”, or admitting that there is another direction the lesson, and our travels, could take, showed an acceptance of the need for “balance”.

But, to conclude with a final, strong, persuasive argument, and one that we hadn’t heard up until this point, showed great style.

Thanks go to Ian Backhouse for co-ordinating our visit here to Solihull and making such details arrangements.

Today, interestingly for us, we were right next door to one of The Children’s Society’s Children’s Centres. Their centre provides essential services for families with children aged under 5, and children under 8 who have additional needs. Interestingly, because Sarah and her daughter, Michaela Neild, are raising money for The Children’s Society by running in the Bupa 10,000 next month. Both Sarah and Michaela are training hard and would love your support (more details here).

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  1. Lauren says:

    An extremely worthwhile training day. Engaging from start to finish. Both myself and my school colleague have so much to take away from today and feedback to the rest of the staff. It was a different and exciting morning working alongside a group of very sensible and excitable Year 2 children. Then a fun afternoon of exploring the computer program ‘Myst 3’ a little further.
    Thank you very much to Tim and Sarah, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you both – I am now faced with the tough decision of what (FREE) resource to use first! 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you for this very thoughtful feedback Lauren
    You’re right, those Year 2s were a joy to explore with weren’t they
    As were all of the staff in keeping up with the pace of what we threw at you all
    Whatever you try first, we’d love to hear about what happens
    Thanks again
    Tim and Sarah

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