Coventry Schools: “Finding Inspiration in Challenging Times”

| April 25, 2013 | 6 Comments 

Working in partnership with Mondale Events, the Coventry Schools Curriculum and Training Primary Generic Group gathered together to give Head teachers and Senior Leaders the opportunity to share some superb CPD opportunities.

Even though, ostensibly, our sessions had a focus on technology, we made sure that we all had a firm view on the analog, invaluable, opportunities that flow from these experiences, and the core principals that remain an essential foundations to any powerful development.

We are so keen that technology doesn’t run, roughshod, over human, face to face, spoken, vital, shared learning experiences.

Analog principles are vital to make digital tools effective.

Energy, in some ways, is even more valuable than the books, pencils, and technology in our rooms. It’s about ethos, character and atmosphere. This energy starts with one individual in every classroom: the teacher.

I have always been determined to show my class I am glad to see them, and also show them how happy I am to be there, excited by what is going to happen, or could happen, if they join me. How important it is to greet your pupils as they arrive. Meet them smiling. Smile as much as possible during the session too.

Then, and this is essential: Say farewell to every one of them, as they leave, past you, at the door, perhaps with a handshake. At least, with a smile.

A bubbling passion can make the difference between a mundane, meandering, unfullfilling session and an incredible, meaningful learning experiences.

Other speakers at today’s event included:

Ruth Merttens, who is currently on secondment from the University of St. Mark and St.John, Plymouth. She is co-Director of Hamilton Maths and Reading Project and an early years specialist with a heavy involvement in both the development of the National Numeracy Strategy and the teaching of phonics.

Ruth got us thinking about the new curriculum and the aspect that it is a “Mastery” curriculum. levels are going as it is a mastery curriculum. Ruth feels it is a good thing that levels are going as she is “more interested in what skills you have, and how can we move you on to having that skill” A mastery curriculum is more like a driving test, (pass or fail).

As those of us with white hair and white knuckles, who have helped someone learn to drive, she says that progress is irrelevant. Do the children meet age related criteria? A very different way of working. However, we have to consider what happens to the children who DON’T don’t we?

Richard Gerver  is co-Founder of the Curriculum Foundation and winner in 2005 of School Head teacher of the Year, Richard’s work and philosophy has been widely reported in the media around the world. He also works as an author and has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation.

Alongside all of these sessions, in the main hall, there was a great collection of educational suppliers, who showed some remarkable things, that support many elements of school lives, in inventive ways. “Thank You”, to so many of them, who came and joined us for our presentations, and chipped in some superb ideas.

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  1. Lisa Sharratt says:

    Great to see so much enthusiasm and energy in Coventry, today.
    Fantastic to see Charlotte, Steve, Gill and others on the photos have a great day Tim, Sarah, @primaryenglish @mr_glassesman and all others at the conference.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Lisa
    “Wish you were here”
    A lot happening and more to follow
    Watch this space

  3. Lisa Sharratt says:

    I will continue to watch the space looking forward to more interactive analg/digital inspiration.

  4. Lisa Sharratt says:

    Just spotted the Unistage man is with you too! I spoke to him yesterday and they are delivering next week – another of my BETT gems 🙂

  5. Charlotte Reed says:

    A wonderful day, left feeling inspired indeed, lots of ideas bubbling! Thanks once again Tim and Sarah, hope you are having a rest this evening!
    Charlotte or @Charleyr3 or @LittleBirdieFB or @PrimaryEnglish or @LiterallyCov!!!

  6. Tim says:

    Hey thank you Charlotte
    Glad you found it inspiring (and as that was what the title of the day was, that’s quite a relief)
    We did have to chuckle at your split-Twit-personality
    We are home, and enjoying being here for a couple of days – thank you
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

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