Hampshire District 2 Headteachers’ Conference, Sandbanks

| May 1, 2013 | 4 Comments 

Together, we explored the progression that can be taken using artifacts and images, then we had a VERY hands-on, have-a-go-day with 22 headteachers, from the Hampshire District 2 Headteachers’ group, in the incredible setting of Sandbanks, near Poole. We had a fun filled investigation of how images, living texts and sound effects, can bring story (re-)telling alive. In groups, we set off in to the picturesque setting of Sandbanks in Poole, capturing scenes to support the telling of a tale, then returned to do some wizardry.

We were joined by colleagues from Barncroft Primary, Denmead School, Emsworth School, Fairfield Infant, Hartplain Infant, Horndean Infant School, Horndean Junior School, Mengham Infant, Mengham Junior, Mill Rythe Infant, Moreland Primary, Petersgate Infant, Purbrook Junior, Sharps Copse Primary, Springwood Infant, Springwood JuniorSt. Peters School, and Riders Infants, Queens Inclosure Primary School, St. James C of E Primary and The Federation of Millhill and Woodcroft.

Thank you to Sarah Court, headteacher of Mill Rythe Infant,

Tools explored today included;

Tiltshift Maker bringing miniature characters into life within the locality, or focusing on a significant portion within a landscape, or portrait.

Psykopaint, whisking photographs into paintings. Great artists styles can be stolen borrowed to enhance aspects of the photos. By darkening, hardlighting, multiplying, overlaying, and manipulating, different feelings, and messages, can be accentuated.

Tagxedo, playing with words, picking them up and juggling them. When used in its full screen (“player only”) mode, it means you can explore your carefully chosen collection of vocabulary, bringing it alive, as you speak.

Music can breathe life in to a story too. Chosen, and crafted carefully, an arrangement of sounds, and instruments, can bring out just the right sensations, and emotions, in a yarn. Soundation was the tool of choice for generating some stunning soundtracks which really enhanced the performances of the sagas.

CleVR creates still, and moving panoramas, from your photos… and a LOT more…

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  1. Sarah Court says:

    Today…..made me think more about how we all see and approach things in a different way – what a wealth of knowledge we have amongst us to share! Thanks Tim and Sarah for providing us with a hands-on day…I have a few new tricks now to engage those learners!!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Sarah
    What a fun day it really was eh?
    A spectacular location to do some full on practical fun

    p.s. Your comment was filed at 8 minutes past 7. You’re eight minutes late for dinner ;-D

  3. Bruce says:

    What a great day. The normal format for head teacher conferences is that someone will sit and talk to us about whatever it is – safeguarding or how to spend the Pupil Premium or zonal defence in lacrosse. Normally there’s a PowerPoint involved and a fair wad of paper handouts. Speakers tend to be into three categories: there’s the ‘hilarious and inspiring at the time, but I can’t remember a word that they said now’; the ‘serious and interesting with no jokes and lots of research evidence, which leave you feeling that you really need to read more about this but, even if you get the book, don’t’ and finally there is the ‘genuinely inspiring at the time and also has a huge impact in the long term, even to the point of helping you to see the world differently forever’. The third one is rare.
    This was none of those, but was really refreshing and different, forcing head teachers to get off their behinds and do some of the stuff that we are constantly asking children to do – writing, working together, facing deadlines and presenting. However, this was all done in the context of using a range of great free, web-based tools in a real writing context. I certainly had to face what we ask children to do all the time – the reluctance of working in a group (I’d rather have done it by myself initially), struggling with a task that has just been presented to you that you’re not exactly confident with, and then working with a group of people to produce something under pressure. I’d quite forgotten the way that you seem to have so much time until you realise that the last few grains are heading to the bottom of the sand-timer. It was excellent – rather unlike our finished presentation. 🙂
    I’ve been to great meetings where people have given me all kinds of resources or ideas that can be freely used from the web but without having a context in which to use them, they are rather easily forgotten. Not so here. I’ll remember Tiltshiftmaker, Tag Galaxy, Morfo (one shown to me by a colleague in our group), Tagxedo and Psykopaint because we used them – or at least tried to. I’ll be able to recommend them, knowing that they work – or at least I know the problems associated with them.
    So thanks Tim and Sarah – a cracking day, which got us off to an excellent start to the conference.

  4. Tim says:

    WoW! What a gorgeous bit of feedback
    We are so glad you found the day useful too
    You were a joyous man to have as part of the process, as you positive, up-for-it-ness, was a fantastic contribution to your group, and to us
    We would love to know ow things move on for you, and what you try first
    Now go and enjoy the sunshine and the rest of your conference 😀

    Best to all – Tim and Sarah

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