Linaker Primary School & Children’s Centre ~ Day 3 ~ A Digital Leaders Challenge

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The last, of three, full on days at Linaker Primary School and Children’s Centre, in Southport, in Sefton.

Today saw another, new, step taken in the age of adventure, with the newly appointed “Digital leaders”.

The school recently “hired” 15 Digital leaders (7 in year 6, 8 in year 5) who have already set up and logged into Blogger accounts, and started in their support of teachers, fellow pupils, and each other, throughout the school. Thanks to them for their support today and “here’s to the up-for-it explorations of today”.

What fun was had, in the lands of technology today! Exploring uncharted territories, discovering distant digital domains, and generally stretching technology in wild and wondrous ways.

We set foot in the high~ways, low~ways, no~go~ways, by~ways, here~ways, share~ways, there~ways,  slow~ways, up~ways, down~ways, under~ways, wonder~ways, no-wonder!~ways, plunder~ways, try~ways, wonder-why~ways, explore~ways, never~before~ways, your~ways, my~ways, our~ways, oh~the~power~ways, who’d~have~known~ways, should’ve~known~ways, newly~truly~alone~ways…

To tell a tale, of any kind, is a challenge. To do so, with access to the wondrous opportunities that technology offers, these days, surely makes it simple?! Well, it does produce a lot of potential, but also introduces challenges of their own.

The children showed some remarkable, mature, problem solving techniques, through which we all learned a lot ~ the mark of great digital leaders. To teach is to learn. To be open to learn teaches us a lot.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

John Cotton Dana

“Digital Leaders” is a fascinating concept, and one that is gathering strength, and pace, in schools far and wide now. The Digital Leader Network, draws together those who are exploring the ideas, power and potential, of this movement.

Empowering learners, teachers and sharers of discovery in so many ways.

The Digital Leader Network is a collaborative blog where digital leaders and teachers can showcase the inspirational work that is going on in their schools. It was started by passionate teachers in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength thanks to the community of people who contribute to it.

The network aims to spread the good work of digital leaders far and wide in an attempt to create more sustainable solutions to ICT developments in schools. Each Thursday at 9pm (gmt) members of the network join in #DLchat, on Twitter, and share their thoughts, ideas and what their digital leaders have been doing.

Have a read of this collaborative document where people have shared their experiences of starting digital leader projects in their schools.

The challenge today? To carry on a story of discovery, in small groups, and retell that tale with the support of some inventive, digital delights.

To work in a group adds additional challenges that these children experimented with ways to master ~ finding a common path; valuing strengths and supporting weaknesses; assessing the best way to allot time, resources, and “man-power”; getting something “done well”, inventively and in the most remarkable and effective way.

Well done all. More to follow…

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  1. Councillor Mike Booth says:

    As Chair of Governors and a past teacher, I’d like to congratulate Tim and the children for the hard work put in over the 3 days. Linaker prides itself on it’s use of technology in all areas of the curriculum. It was great to see the progress made in the use of computer games and simulations to encourage the children to use their imaginations in producing elaborate story lines.

    I look forward to viewing the finished articles after the half term holiday.

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Mike
    They did SO well didn’t they? Especially as it was a tiny amount of time to complete such a challenge
    We loved out three days at Linaker and look forward to keeping in touch some more
    Thanks again
    T and S

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