Picking apart the hasystack 1 ~ Boolify.org

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The art of finding is knowing what you are looking for, and where, why and how to look.

In this world of instant, vast, banks of “information”, available in just a couple of clicks, it is vital that we learn how to search, and share those skills, with the children who will have that resource available to them, will need to use it, and will need to use it effectively.

First is not necessarily best. Is this what I was looking for? Can a better “answer”, or step toward “the/an answer”, be found, to what ever “question” I asked?

An understanding of which questions to ask… “AND, OR, NOT & NEAR” an understanding of which terms, & combinations of them, might come up with “A” ” right” direction, is on step.

Exploring Boolean terms, with a site like Boolify… one step along the path towards THE needle?

(More to follow…)

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