Belvoirdale Primary School, Leicestershire ~ Day 1

| June 3, 2013 | 34 Comments 

The first of two days at Belvoirdale Primary School, Scotland’s Road, Coalville, Leicestershire

Today, we had the pleasure of working alongside the school’s Digital Leaders, as well the staff, exploring “the path to exciting learning”, as head teacher Anne Bufton-McCoy called it. Lovely.

Anne built a great analogy as a little challenge to us:

Belvoirdale Primary is no longer in Special Measures but its hard to get off the hamster wheel of inspect,improve, inspect!

We want to give our kids the opportunity to get a great education. Not by blindly following the National Curriculum Sat-Nav, sticking to the fastest route to Maths and English level 4/5. But by making sure they can see the whole road atlas- the villages with weird, ancient names, the leafy lanes of real experience, the smell of new mown hay and the chance to taste real scones in an olde tea shoppe.

Yes, we will get to our destination in educational terms but lets enjoy the journey!

So there’s your brief Tim!

And, what a great mission, one that fits perfectly with our way of travelling.

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  1. Mr Dickson says:

    Magic. My brain is full to bursting but I’m ready for more on the Magical Myst-ery Tour! The children are going to wonder what’s happened to their teacher over half term… “You said computer games rot your brains sir.”

    Thank you!

  2. Tom Pollard says:

    I have a game that is cind of like myst,it is called spore what you need to do is EXPLORE!!!!!!You start about 45,00000,00000,00000year ago it is really cool.You start in the water and you explore and you find out new things.

    Thank you

  3. miss lucy knight says:

    I liked the panoramas because I think I could use this in the future.

  4. sophie cornes says:

    it was EPIC
    Ireally enjoyed tim ryland teaching us.

    My fav parts were:
    word sifteasy prompter
    tag galaxy
    and a million more !!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldnt have had a better time on a monday bank holiday and my little head full of junk is now exploding with the most epic,amazing facts

  5. tom cornes says:

    Tim Rylands, can i have a free copy of Myst please?

    Today was realy great.

  6. devi says:

    i have enjoyed today alot because mr ryland has taught me alot about different websites on a computer and i am glad he came to our school today.

  7. Lisa Pritchard says:

    Learnt loads today!!! Loved the powerpoint show! A great inset day, thank you both

  8. tyler symons says:

    You people are the best definatly the best ICT experts I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have taken loads of notes all of which I will use when I get home you are the best. Tim and Sarah thank you for what you’ve done today!!

  9. donna parker says:

    extremely interesting day. Not only can i use these things at work, but also pass them on to my children at home, to help them with their own presentations and homework

  10. lauren says:

    Now I know alot more about what you can go on thats free and SO easy to use. I thankyou ALOT for coming to our school. I can do loads more on the laptop than before. The Tag Galaxy will be very helpful for our next topic (mission to mars!) We will be discovering all around the galaxy.The main planet we will be talking about is mars. This will help loads.
    Thanks so much

  11. Tim says:

    Thank you Mr Dickson and well done for what you did today too 😀

  12. Tim says:

    Thanks for this Tom
    Very useful and could be really fascinating for folk to explore Spore

  13. Tim says:

    That’s good. We’d love to know what you discover

  14. Tim says:

    Thank you Sophie and so glad you enjoyed it
    Well done for the way you took part

  15. Tim says:

    Thank you Tom
    We are glad you enjoyed it
    We don’t have copies of Myst itself I am afraid
    I am sure you will find loads of other things from today that you will enjoy too
    Have fun

  16. Tim says:

    Thank you Devi
    Have fun with whatever you try first
    Well done

  17. Tim says:

    That’s good to hear Lisa – enjoy what you try out

  18. Tim says:

    That is very kind Tyler
    Glad you enjoyed it – Enjoy trying out some of the tools too

  19. Tim says:

    That’s good to hear Donna
    We’d love to know whet you try out, and how things go

  20. Tim says:

    Nice one. Well done Lauren and we’re glad you enjoyed what you found it today
    Enjoy your Tag Galaxy explorations, and others

  21. Joshua Langham says:

    I am glad that you (Tim Rylands) have taught the digital leaders from Belvoirdale Primary School how to use Myst 3. It was brilliant.

  22. Tim says:

    That’s very kind Joshua – glad you enjoyed it
    There was a lot more than just the Myst III bits too eh?
    Enjoy what you try

  23. tom cornes says:

    i tried some of the things that you tought us today, it realy was amazing

  24. Mrs Moores says:

    Amazing INSET – loved all of it. I am a secret IT nerd so will most definitely be using lots of what you showed us today in my teaching. Thank you both SO much for opening my eyes even wider to the endless possibilities that IT brings to the children that we teach. You have most definitely inspired me 🙂

  25. Tim says:

    Thank you Rachel
    We would love to know what you try, and how you get on
    Keep in touch
    Tim and Sarah

  26. Anne Bufton-McCoy says:

    Hey Tim,
    Don’t you just love it when “A plan comes together”. Just reading the comments from the kids and staff alike tells me that you and Sarah really are the ATeam. Well done, can’t wait for tomorrow !!

  27. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Anne. A very special day, and we too are excited about tomorrow.

  28. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Anne. A very special day. We too, are excited about tomorrow.

  29. Phillipa says:

    My first day at Belvoirdale .. awe-inspiring!! Have a bundle of new tools and tricks in my magic bag, which should I ty first? For me, the most important learning point is; Stop! Enjoy and Smell the View !!!
    Extremely excited about tomorrow ……

  30. Tim says:

    Great to hear Phillipa
    We hope you found some useful stuff for your new venture and are sure you will have a great time at Belvoirdale
    Keep in touch

  31. Ted Tann-Watson says:

    A truly amazing day – I came in expecting to learn some new tricks, and I wasn’t disappointed! So much in one day – and I came away inspired to use it, and show the teaching staff new ideas. Thanks!

  32. Mrs Palmer says:

    A really super day with very useful resources. I shall definitely be trying them out in class. Can’t wait!

  33. Tim says:

    Nice one – we’d love to know what you try out first – keep in touch

  34. Tim says:

    Thanks Ted
    From a Tech support bod that is praise indeed – Very thoughtful Thank you
    Keep in touch with what you discover
    Tim and Sarah

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