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A whiz up to Wrexham, to join the #Hwbdysgu team, for an fun evening, of sharing and learning, at one of their new series of HwbMeets.

The main part of HwbMeet is listening to real learning stories from teachers. This is not an event to present a product or theory or to try to sell something – this is a chance for teachers from all types of establishments to hear ideas from each other.

Gwibdaith sydyn I Wrecsam I ymuno a’r tim #Hwbdysgu, am noswaith o hwyl, rhannu a dysgu, yn un o’i cyfres o CwrddHwb.

Prif bwrpas CwrddHwb  yw gwrando ar straeon go iawn gan athrawon. Nid yw hwn yn ddigwyddiad I gyflwyno cynnyrch neu theori, nac I werthu rhywbeth – mae hwn yn gyfle I athrawon o bob math o sefydliadau I glywed syniadau oddi wrth eu gilydd.

“Real Teachers – Real Stories – A real difference”.

There has already been a successful HwbMeet in Llandudno, and the next event will be at Parc Menai, Bangor (16:30 – 18:00) on 4th July 2013. Spaces are limited, so sign up now!

Learning Wales or Hwb

The Hwb team are keen to drive forward the sharing of Good Practice and use of Digital Technology in Wales, and beyond. We sincerely believe that there are amazing things happening in Wales and we want to give opportunities for educators in Wales to see these in action. We have arranged a full programme of Hwbmeets across Wales. Hwbmeets are 90 minutes of useful tools that can be used in any Digital Classroom. We will give you an update on the exciting projects of Hwb and Hwb +, however these meetings are aimed to drive forward the sharing of Digital Technologies in Wales to support us all in raising standards of Literacy and Numeracy.

We are very excited to announce that each Hwbmeet will be supported by a Keynote presentation from recognised leaders in education, and look forward to making all these presentations available on Hwb.

If you would like any more information or have any questions please contact me at mike.elliott@hwbmail.net

Mike Elliott, Hwb Education Content Adviser (Primary) Cynghorydd ar Gynnwys Addysgol Hwb (Cynradd)

If you get the chance, sign up and head along to one of the next Hwbmeets! If you’d like, take an idea to share, or just join in and listen. There is a focus on Literacy and Numeracy – but don’t be constrained, it could be on any topic from primary, secondary and tertiary. Feel free to talk about any innovative ideas that you are passionate about and have used in the classroom. Learn something new; be amazed, amused and enthused.

Anyone can share great ideas they’ve used in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to see what other people are doing. Education professionals from all sectors are welcome to take part. The whole thing is a voluntary chance to learn.

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  1. Andrea Valentine-Jones says:

    A fabulous set of presentations, really interesting and teacher friendly, brilliant

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you Andrea
    Some great stuff tonight eh?
    Really looking forward to hearing more, through Twitter, as we drive

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