TeachMeet Clevedon ~ Making more mini planets

| June 13, 2013 | 2 Comments 

Great to, finally, make it along to one of the fabulous TeachMeet Clevedon events!

We have been trying to do so, for a very LONG time now, but have always ended up being in a different part of the world. Therefore, today, we splattered people with a “make your own mini worlds” in two minutes.

How about trying out some still, stereographic images?: Make a panorama, in something like CleVR. This, for free remember, will also make you a fully navigable, 3D panorama, at the same time.

Next, turn that panorama in to a stereographic world in something like Gimp (one of THE most unfortunate names for any piece of software, but a fantastic Photoshop alternative!) Online and free. To do so, follow this step-by-step guide from PhotoJojo.

How about go the next BIG step(-by-step) and use Google Streetview Stereographic to make explorable, tiny, globular planets, based on your location?

WHY? Well, if only to get children, of any age, mobility, and ability, …talking.

A massive THANK YOU to  Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist and Tamsin Chambers @tamsin_chambers for organising this superb evening.

A world of wonderful teacher-shared gems at the gem that is Clevedon School.

There were some remarkable sessions and Hywl Roberts @Hywl_Roberts started off with a giggle worthy keynote in the style of Peter Kay. He challenged us to link right angles with democracy, light with Medusa, area with religion, and… got us thinking: “Are our lessons WORTH behaving for”? We shouldn’t be slaves to a folder, but make sure we hook, lure, our children in to some enthusiastic, energetic learning. With the new Ofsted framework, what will we have to do to keep improving? “That was outstanding with elements of spaceship”. There are two types of teachers. One of them will ask children to “look at me” when an elephant walks outside a window!

“The professional capacity to forgive”…, “the potential to project themselves on to the learning, as empathy, and aspiration”… “Is it OK to have sensitivity on the curriculum”?

Alongside the buzzing version of the standard teachmeet format, (with such sessions as An app Smackdown @ICTEvangelist vs @gavinsmart, a session on using Edmodo in the classroom – Siaran Morgan-Lloyd @Siaranml, Rachel Jones @rlj1981, was “doing it for the kicks”!) Clevedon added a whole series of more extended workshops.

Martin Burrett @ICTmagic ran a workshop about tools which aid sharing and collaborating with students, teachers and parents to break learning out free of the school gate. His name was also in the hat to share 10 online tools in 120 seconds. He did wish us Good Luck in keeping up!

Favourite quote of the evening came from Dave Gale @reflectivemaths

“If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t use punctuation, like full stops, you deserve a really long sentence”!

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  1. Stefan McHale says:

    Great to listen to you your ideas once again Tim albeit in a mini presentation. Excellent stuff once again on a evening packed with them!!

  2. Tim says:

    So kind Stefan, thank you
    Great to meet you again Sir

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