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Hello again Tim,
As promised I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how my observation went.

I used your pickpocket story to begin the lesson, stopping to predict what happens next, reading the 2nd part and hot seating the 2 pickpockets ( I used an interactive dice off smart notebook with key words such as : relationship, future, baby..etc & we spun the dice & selected children to ask questions).

Next, I took the children into Epic Citadel and started at a door, which I said was the door to the cottage of the pickpockets and I began my shared write from this door. The children walked down the winding,cobbled road with me ( using my iPad linked to the smart board) and we stopped and described what we saw and heard.

I created an urgency to our writing as the father of the child was frantically seeking help for his child. We stopped at the church and asked our reader was this where he would receive help.

The children loved it. At the end of the lesson some children asked if you could buy Epic Citadel and how much it was; they wanted to try it.

So not having the Ipads for the children to use, in this first session, was the right decision, it would have definitely been a distraction.

The result was creative, successful and challenging writing. I had my interview today following the lesson observation and I got the job, so very happy. Tablets galore next!

A student who was observing my lesson was inspired by Epic Citadel and your story and she too repeated the lesson at a school and has also been successful in gaining a job today.

Thank you again for your support.

Andrea Lea


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