Reflections of a Head ~ The flight of the Kingfisher

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I have just returned from an unexpected journey! Where, why and how? Simply by logging on to . I love to catch up with the blog from time to time and when I do the links take me to the most wonderful, magical and thought provoking places that I never imagined!

I first became aware of Tim’s work a number of years ago when a colleague returned from a training day that had been organised by the Local Authority, they were buzzing with excitement and had an enthusiasm that I’d previously not seen!

In my second headship I identified the need to improve writing and the use of new technology across school, this gave me the opportunity to invite Tim and Sarah to Kingfisher school, to deliver their workshops over two days. (Day one and Day two) Working with Tim made my head ache from the endless inspirational ideas that he shared and my face ache from smiling so much, he makes learning and work so enjoyable!

Out of curiosity I regularly view Tim’s blog to see where he is presenting and in February I jumped at the chance to make the short journey over the Pennines to see him present at the Innovation conference in Manchester. Once again Tim delivered an inspiring and thought provoking seminar. This hour of my life was significant in that it reenergised my love for technology and inspired me to promote the innovative ways I had encouraged the use of technology within my school.

I decided to set up my own blog (MigrateToTheNow) and share with the “Blogasphere” my thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Tim very kindly offered words of encouragement, “dance like nobody is watching” and that’s what I’ve done.

For over half a term now I’ve blogged an idea / suggestion that promotes the use of new technology within the classroom. The general philosophy of the blog is, “try it out, rule it out or add your own twist”!

The most significant outcome of my work has been the increased use of new technology within my own school in that my staff are keen to try out the resources that I have sign posted in my blog.

I’ll be back to Tim’s blog soon to see where he will take me next!”

Thank you Nathan, and for keeping in touch after our visit of a couple of years ago. “A comma, not a full stop”. We are enjoying reading your new blog, and value that it is having such a positive effect on others too.
Keep up the great work.Tim and Sarah

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