St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Melton Mowbray

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Back to it, and the start of a huge few months for us. And, what a way to begin: St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, who have the superb motto of: “Learn to live: Live your dreams”!

We were joined by colleagues from Bottesford C E Primary School, Old Dalby C of E Primary School and Asfordby Captain’s Close Primary School.

Thank you to Sharon Deackes, Headteacher, for inviting us to join her colleagues, with an exploration of technology and teaching, to start their new school year.

To the darker side and back again!

Our teacher day with Tim and Sarah involves four Leicestershire Primary Schools.  So how did this come about?

2012 was a very traumatic year for my school, St Mary’s C of E Primary, we were placed in Special Measures at the end of February and we all felt that our world had been blown apart. We were not going to be beaten and started work to get out of a category in as short a time as possible….we were told it would probably be 2 years at least…..we aimed for a year! Our Monitoring Visit in July that year was positive…yes, there were areas for development but we were on our way.  We were also told that we would become a sponsored academy; fortunately for us we were sponsored and supported by the Diocese Board of Education.

In November I attended the NAHT Conference in London with three colleagues  who had been my support network and we listened to Tim in awe……wow……we were blown away with his passion and ideas and the world of ICT opened up even further.  I wanted to go back in to school and bombard all my hardworking staff with the new websites and ideas and everything but Tim said, ‘No, we musn’t do that!’

Only one of our group had booked the workshop session, the rest of us were elsewhere and so very, very bored that we did the unthinkable and walked out and yes, we gatecrashed Tim’s workshop……….it was brilliant and we were inspired even more!

I knew I had to have Tim and Sarah in my school; I needed my staff to be inspired but they were not in the right place at that time. Our second monitoring visit came and went in December…we were now making good progress in all areas and were more positive. We had a focus on writing, we had boys who were reluctant writers and yet loved ICT; it was the perfect time. I contacted Tim and thought about the cost later……what better way to spend a teacher day for all of my staff.  I then contacted my colleagues who were there; one was able to join us……two other local schools were quick to follow.

We became an Academy on March 1st. On May 8th and 9th we had our Monitoring Visit that said ‘The Academy is making reasonable progress in raising standards for all pupils.’ Our journey took 14 months from start to finish and now we are ready.  Ready to be inspired on our teacher day  to get those boys writing, to use those amazing websites that Tim shares, to develop the learning that is going on in our classrooms, to build on the creativity that drives our school and most of all get everyone thinking outside the box! And when Ofsted visit in 18 – 24months we will be ready for them and you too will be blown away!

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  1. Sharon Deackes says:

    What an absolutely superb day! Everything we hoped for and more! Inspired……you bet. Thank you so much!

  2. Sharon Smith says:

    Wow… a packed day of fun and information thanks to Tim and Sarah and also Sharon for hosting. I am still playing on the computer now!

  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Sharon – remember to eat, sleep and talk to people too ;-D

  4. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Sharon
    A special way to start the new school year
    We look forward to seeing you all again soon
    Thanks for the laughter
    Tim and Sarah

  5. Katie Ford says:

    A great day! with soooo many ideas. Just trying to stop investigating your website…. need to go to sleep so I can inspire some Y6’s in the morning!

    thanks again.

  6. Tim says:

    Hi Katie
    We’re so glad you found the day useful
    Keep in touch and let us know what you try out first
    Tim and Sarah

  7. Toby Linnett says:

    Thanks Tim

    What a truly inspirational way to start the term! Today is a great reminder of the reason why we teach. The children at our school will be so lucky to benefit from such brilliant, imaginative and engaging ideas.

  8. Tim says:

    Thank YOU Toby, for your kind words, and for playing such an active role in the day
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on
    Tim and Sarah

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