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The  Dot Voting website enables a digital version of a powerful analog method of gathering views, and opinions.

Dot Voting (sometimes known as DotMocracy) is a method to identify things of interest, out of a set of topics. In contrast to normal voting, each participants usually has more than one vote, and is able to freely cumulate their votes if something is of special interest for them.

Such votes are an important instrument in team work and widely used in “agile”, up to the minute, changing, approaches. Normally, and this is the recommended way to use it first, dot voting is done using a whiteboard on which the topics are placed on sticky notes. All participants can simultaneously place their votes using whiteboard markers, or stickers.

If all participants are physically present in the room, do it that way. Do not use the web site! You can’t beat here, and now, real interaction.

There are, though, two disadvantages to the analog method though: first, everybody needs to be in one place, at the same time. Secondly, participants who vote last already see the result which may bias their vote distribution.

The Dot Voting website allows easy creation, and distribution, of a virtual dot voting system. By entering topics and opening access information to participants, a vote can happen anywhere and over any period of time. A wider audience from across the globe and over an extended time.

DotVotes generates a URL that you send out to those that you would like to add there opinions. You can choose to which extent that vote is public, whether the results can be seen during a running vote and how long the vote runs.

Doing it online has some advantages because the votes of previous voters aren’t seen, and therefore don’t slue the votes of subsequent voters.

You don’t need an account, can create open or closed polls and decide if the results are viewable or not. However you need to provide a name, and email adress, so you can manage your post, so think about safeguarding on this aspect if students are setting up a poll. We’d love t know your views. All 10, (no, we’ll give you 20) of them.

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