Baring Primary School, Lewisham, London ~ Day 1

| September 9, 2013 | 6 Comments 

Our first day of two days at Baring Primary School, today with the teaching staff, govenors and colleagues from neighbouring schools, tomorrow with the children.

Thank you to Gina Kent (Nursery teacher, Butterfly Class, & ICT lead) and headteacher Diane Brewer, for organising our visit.

Baring is a friendly school, focused on learning, which serves a relatively small area immediately adjacent to the school.

The children and parents of Baring are from many different countries and speak over 25 different languages. This helps to make it a special place where we all value our similarities and differences and learn from each other.

A school already doing some remarkable things. So, where does our visit fit in to the Baring story? Gina explains:

The Head, Diane, and I came across you both at BETT in January 2013 at EXCEL and we were blown away.  We felt that your enthusiasm, ingenuity, fun and style would be a great CPD opportunity for our school community which would significantly enhance our learning using ICT.

We ARE a school with lots of strengths, but, as with all schools we always strive to move our learners forward; our teachers are fired up by his creativity and the tools that he has shared will move our curriculum and learning forward.  We are so excited about our training that we have invited staff from other Lewisham schools. What a great start to our school year!

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  1. Gina says:

    Wow! We have been thoroughly splatted with so many ideas and resources, now what is needed is a bit of time to reflect and discuss with colleagues which to use! Looking forward to seeing Tim and Sarah in action! : )

  2. Freda Campbell says:

    Well, day one was indeed brain popping – loads of ideas and resources and a lot of laughs. I have already downloaded and tried out Zoom It and Gadwin and they’re going to be really useful. I’m looking forward to working with the children tomorrow and sharing some of Tim and Sarah’s ideas with staff back at school. I’ll enjoy dipping in to the ‘Locked Page’ at my leisure… taking it slow.

  3. Tim says:

    Thank YOU for inviting us Gina
    We really enjoyed our day too
    Yes. There was a LOT to think about
    Take your time and enjoy whatever you try out first
    See you tomorrow

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Freda
    We hope that The Locked Page (and all of the things OUTside The Locked Page) prove useful for you
    We would love to keep in touch and hear how you get on
    We are looking forward to tomorrow too 😀

  5. Diane says:

    What a great day! Thank you Tim and Sarah. I used my ‘scribbling stick’ loads to help me remember the tools that I may find useful in the future (even though I can access your brilliant website!) ………and I can’t wait to ask the children what they especially like about Baring to create Wordles or Tagxedo word pictures for the entrance foyer. Looking forward to day two with the children.

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Diane
    As head, you have a right to be very proud of your colleagues – they were certainly “up for a challenge”!
    We are looking forward to more tomorrow too 😀

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