Baring Primary School, Lewisham, London ~ Day 2

| September 10, 2013 | 2 Comments 

A joyous second day at Baring Primary School in Lewisham. After a full~on day of digital delights yesterday the emphasis moved today towards analog ways of recording responses to a massive digital stimulus. We could have applied even more of the tools we explored with the staff, instead, “scribbly sticks” and paper were the order of the day.

Resistence is fertile…

How joyous the challenge of transformation is.

Writing has a different feel and a different meaning, when it is in digital or analog format. This lot were up for it. Perhaps not immediately, but that is hugely understandable.

Sixty children, and twenty adults, entering a room, and discovering themselves in an alien landscape, a new and mysterious terrain, and then to explore that world, in a real and metaphorical sense… that takes some acclimatisation, and courage.

To build on those natural elements of reticence, to go beyond the fear of “words exploding if you put them down wrong”, to step in to the unknown, to pick ideas up and juggle with them… that takes courage too.

Finding the optimum method of building that courage, and the optimum way of recording the ideas that grow, enabling those ideas to be developed and shared with others… that has been our joyous challenge of the last two days.

Well done indeeeeeeed, to the children, and staff, who joined us on our travels. Their words flowed in to some superb poetic prose. Thank you for the magic!

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  1. Gina says:

    The impetus of the 2 day Tim Rylands experience has led to some good discussions. We are aiming to make use of Myst, teachers are needing and taking time to contemplate and learn how to use it and the many tools from the locked page; exciting times ahead!

  2. Tim says:

    Nice one!
    Keep in touch and let us know what works best for you all at Baring
    As we said when we left, “Make this a comma, not a full stop”.

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