Highbury Primary and Nursery School, Portsmouth ~ Day 2

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Amazing analog adventures yesterday. A deluge of digital diversions today, at Highbury Primary and Nursery School, in Portsmouth.

After picking up ideas, and juggling them, in the simple, but remarkably powerful, context of a computer game, with a host of brave explorers, we set off in to uncharted techno territories today, with the teaching, and learning, staff from across the school.

Sarah, the head, explained their recent journey:

Highbury Primary School has been on a journey from being in special measures to being judged as a good school in the recent OFSTED inspection in October 2012. In September the school started working with Pie Corbett to launch Talk for Writing to engage children in their reading and writing. We have been experimenting with inspirational starting points and using digital technology to inspire children to write. Writing opportunities include strong cross curricular links with an in depth study of high quality reading books. In addition, children have been given the opportunities to develop independent research using SOLE areas (Self organised Learning environments) which have been effective in promoting independent learning and impacting on pupil progress.

Our colleagues, at Highbury, were “Up for it” today. They certainly know how to laugh, but also value the learning that can flow from that enjoyment.

Instead of solitary investigations, of the virtual worlds to be discovered in the computer games we find so valuable, in inspiring talk for writing, and so much more, the Highbury crew got themselves in to small groups and set off, together, into unknown lands.

“Drinking in the scenery” (which isn’t to imply that we should go on a pub crawl in the countryside… though that could be a great idea ;-D) …is important. Taking our time and standing still.

Working as teams, they completed some mini challenges, but also picked apart the power that comes from NOT moving, in these games. There was a superb discussion about resisting “going here ~ going there ~ doing this ~ doing that”. Instead… stopping, contemplating, considering, questioning, describing, pondering, and wondering, can lead to some remarkable writing, talking, and so much more.

A huge well done, and thank you, to head teacher Sarah Sadler, and her colleagues, for joining us on this “whirlwind tour of teaching technology”.

We are home for the weekend …and Ellie’s 18th birthday!

Yes! The little girl who said “Dad! It’s like I’m walking on an apple crumble” is 18!) But, we are back down to Portsmouth on Tuesday for Teachmeet Pompey.

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