Hackety Hack

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Hackety Hack will teach you the absolute basics of programming from the ground up.

No previous programming experience is needed!

Hackety Hack uses the Shoes toolkit to make it really easy and fun to build graphical interfaces. Several lessons and example programs are provided, showing you how to make all kinds of fun things!

Check out what other people are doing with Hackety Hack! The Programs section is chock full of fun projects from other Hackety users. You can even upload your own!

Put your account information into the Hackety Hack app, and you’ll be able to share all the programs you create.

Hackety Hack is a downloadable open source application that teaches the basics of programming in the popular Ruby language.

Hackety Hack offers an interactive tutorial that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. While both Scratch and Alice use a graphical programming language with “blocks,” Hackety Hack teaches the basics of Ruby syntax. Ruby is used for all kinds of programs, including desktop applications and websites.

The tutorial and the text editor are well-integrated, so there isn’t any flipping back-and-forth to move between the How-To guide and the actual coding.

Hackety Hack gives students a solid foundation in the language so they can quickly and easily start building their own apps in Ruby.

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