Pulp-o-mizer & Title-o-Tron

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Thrilling Tales’ Webomator Derange~o~Lab Pulp~o~Mizer is a superb way to create, and analyse, stylish comic covers.

Adjusting the preset options, adding your own text, and playing with the variables, means that, whilst creating a steampunk masterpiece, you also get to scrutinize the make up of a magazine front page.

For story starters, you might have a go with the Web~o~Mater Title~o~Tron: ~ How might “The Halls of the Endless Crypt” begin? Who are the main characters in “The Plague of the Talons of History”? Can you pen the past phrases of “The Engines of the Hidden Fungus”, or “Menaced in the Swamp of the Unthinkable”?

Read a branching story intriguingly titled “The Toaster With Two Brains”.

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